One Punch Wonder

Shedding light on how we’re raising our boys in our culture of toxic masculinity, One Punch Wonder explores ‘how much damage does one punch do’.

“Educate and bring up boys to be men of respect, men that protect and look after not only their families but others. Men that don’t tolerate acts of violence against women and the vulnerable in our communities. Men that will never consider or accept acts of extreme cowardice like this as acceptable.”

How much damage does one punch really do? “One Punch Wonder” pulls up the page and puts the culture of toxic masculinity under a microscope, looking into the cowards punch from all angles, it asks us: How are we raising our boys?

Incredibly physical, this piece of theatre goes beyond the traditional forms of verbatim, moving from intimate moments to scenes of high intensity and adrenaline filled acrobatics. Highlighting the dissonance between our values and our actions.

The perfect team to communicate this message to young Australians. A play performed by men, about men, for men. A man’s story accessible to women, eye-opening for mothers, wives and daughters.


Form and Style 

The actors deliver seventy fierce minutes of hard-edged physical theatre; body-collisions and backflips alongside mimicry and verbatim dialogue sourced from victims, offenders, families, health professionals, media, and the law. The message is clear, strong and relentless: ‘There is no turning back’. One Punch Wonder dogmatically highlights toxic masculinity and calls for a re-education and re-evaluation of what it means to be a man.


Community and Audience Engagement

We have a comprehensive list of community engagement packages that are available to theatres. These include opportunities to:

Meet the Cast:
Duration: 30-60 minutes.
A “Meet & Greet” with the cast in the foyer after the performance is highly recommended and a great way to get people talking and unpacking the subject matter. We love to stay for a post-sh?w conversation anyway, so why not let the audience know they can stay back and chat with us. It becomes an opportunity to pass the baton on And if audience members are brave enough to interview we would love to get their opinion on the subject and possible solutions in an on-ca?era interview where cast members record audience contribution to the conversation. Let’s get this conversation started.

Cast Q&A:
Duration: 15-30 minutes.
A formal post-show Q&A may be held after the show either in the foyer, or onstage if there is no bump out. An awesome opportunity to learn more about the stories and people we explore, the creation of the work, the rehearsal process, or background of the performers; some or aII of the cast will be on hand to answer any burning questions you have about what goes on behind the scenes and how a verbatim piece like this is created.

Stop! One Punch Can Kill:
Duration: 60 minutes. Cost: $440
Facilitated Forum Theatre event where the actors stay in role in order to discuss, demonstrate and highlight behaviours and consequences in order to drive home the issue of toxic masculinity quickly and effectively. Audience members discuss and interact with the characters focussing on the behaviours that underpin this issue in order to determine where the problem starts and different pathways through it so that small communities can begin to contribute to an Australia-wide cultural change.

Devising Theatre Workshop For Students:
Duration: 90 minutes. Cost: $440
Audience: Senior Secondary Drama/Theatre
Studies Students Max Participants:30
Requirements: Min 6M x 6M workspace Two of our cast members take students through the creation and themes of One Punch Wonder with a 90-minute, hands-on workshop exploring the structure and style of verbatim theatre, interviewing and character creation, performance, and how to touch on serious subject matter in a sensitive way. Includes handouts and further resources.

Devising Theatre Workshop for Adults: Duration: 90 minutes. Cost $440:

Audience: General Public, Adults, Community, Theatre Lovers
Max Participants: 30
Requirements: Min 6M x 6M workspace Similar to the senior secondary version above, but for adults. Covering the page-to-stage process of presenting One Punch Wonder and including practical exercises and group work, this class is run by two of our cast members and is designed to educate, entertain and enhance the experience of the show. Perfect for amateur thespians, budding playwrights or behind-the-scenes voyeurs! Includes handouts and further resources.

Passing on of the Baton:
Keep the conversation going with after show resources,
This is a cultural problem. A cultural change is needed to stop the growing epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse and misuse and to say no to senseless violence. Our aim is to affect that change and to start audiences across Australia talking. Together, we can all make a difference. With the support of the ‘Stop. One Punch Can Kill” Campaign we pass the baton on to you, share our message, wear the “Stop. One Punch Can Kill” wristband (supplied to each audience member) or book an awareness presentation with “Stop. One Punch Can Kill” Campaign. We encourage communities across Australia to participate and be part of the solution. Prevention through education and awareness are important factors in changing attitudes towards violence.

Foyer Engagement Station:
As well as this, our foyer installation and engagement program provides “on-ramps” and extensions to the show. Audience members can engage in self-guided engagement before and after every performance. This engagement will deepen the impact of the experience as well as serve as a motivator for cultural participation. Our team has created several “stations” designed to engage audience members further with the content. These stations are set up before and after the show. These include videos, newspaper articles highlighting the regularity of these attacks in the current climate, an opportunity to record “your story” including a running tally of stories of violence per audience member over the tour, and a “how would you respond in this situation” voting station. After the show audience members have the opportunity to discuss their views in an on-camera interview with members of the cast adding to the conversation already started.


Available Marketing

The Actors’ Hub will provide each venue with a comprehensive Marketing Toolkit, including all performance, company and artist information, key audience demographics and advice on how to engage them and hot tips for your marketing, publicity and box office teams. We will also provide access to our growing dropbox of marketing collateral including:

Promo videos
Print-quality production and rehearsal photography Social media collateral
Comprehensive collection of reviews
Media release
Cinematic trailer
Videos detailing the audience response
Videos interviewing cast and director



The actors clearly having pushed themselves to their limits as they left the stage drenched in sweat and with the audience unable to move from their seats, (and a few men and women struggling with tears) captivated by the experience they had been witness to. Redefining what it means to be a man.
– OUTinPerth 4.5 Stars

As a mother, I wept most of the show, as a creator it was incredibly inspiring work.
– Janelle Da Silva

I think every boy in Australia needs to see this play as a matter of urgency.
– Melinda Tankard Reist (Collective Shout)


Director/Writer: Amanda Crewes

Composer: Tim Newhouse

Cast: Adam Leeuwenhart, Jared Stephenson, Christian Tomaszewski and Levi Widnall




Ready to go with 2 weeks notice: October 2021 onwards


Physical Theatre


While One Punch Wonder directly impacts men aged 18-35, it also targets families, parents, girlfriends, wives, anyone who has close relationships to boys and men, providing insight into the issues our young men face in our current social climate.


70 minutes

Bump In

4 hours

Bump Out

2 hours


'- Weekly Fee: $13,212.72
- Cost per performance: $8,000
- Remount: N/A
- Royalties: 10%
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Amanda Crewes
0422 350 057

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Venue Format

Designed In The Round, however can be modified for Proscenium Arch.

Touring Party

4 Cast + 1 Crew = 5 Total


Show Warnings: Contains depictions of violence. Contains mature language. Contains depictions of sexual behaviour.

First possible performance: 1 hour post bump-in.

Minimum break between shows: 2 hours

Minimum stage width: 5.25 metres

Minimum stage depth: 5.25 metres

Minimum stage height: 3 metres

Minimum wing space: Enough space to conceal the actors before they enter the space.

Staging & set description: The set is a boxing ring with images projected onto the floor of the ring or behind the performers.

Lighting provided by the company: N/A

Lighting to be provided by the venue: Basic house stock, coloured lights (blue wash, and the opportunity to do a colour chase for a nightclub scene), memory console, minimum 36-channel LX rig.

Audio provided by the company: Company computer with Q-lab for sound projection.

Audio to be provided by the venue: Mixer with mini jack input, venue FOH speakers, Small on-stage speaker with input at FOH SM position.

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: One staff member required during Bump-in and an hour before the show.

Dressing rooms required: For 4 cast, including hanging space.

Other technical of performance notes: Require somewhere images and videos can be projected during the show and preferably a projector.