One Punch Wonder

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How much damage does one punch really do? One Punch Wonder pulls up the page and puts the culture of toxic masculinity under a microscope, looking into the cowards punch from all angles. it asks us: How are we raising our boys?

The actors deliver seventy fierce minutes of hard-edged physical theatre; body-collisions and backflips alongside mimicry and verbatim dialogue sourced from victims, offenders, families, health professionals, media and the law. The message is clear, strong and relentless. There is no turning back. “One Punch Wonder” dogmatically highlights toxic masculinity and calls for a re-education and re-evaluation of what it means to be a man. To the surprise of many audience members, One Punch Wonder is a "Dare I say...entertaining" show. Incredibly physical, this piece of theatre goes beyond the traditional forms of verbatim, moving from gentle, vulnerable, intimate moments to high intensity, high adrenaline, breath-taking acrobatics. The show is at once, athletic and authentic. The perfect team to communicate this message to young Australians. A story about men told by men.

16th June 2020 - Red Earth Arts Precinct
18th June 2020 - Esperance Civic Centre
19th June 2020 - Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council
23rd June 2020 - Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre
25th June 2020 - Moora Performing Arts Centre
27th June 2020 - Carnarvon Civic Centre

Written By

The Actors Hub

Directed By

An=manda Crewes



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