Playtime with Grace and Fergus features the best ever never heard songs performed live by gold record winning Eskimo Joe and Little Birdy keyboard and guitarist Fergus Deasy with award winning mezzo-soprano Grace King who is blind.

Reimagined for the piano and featuring songs by Metallica, U2, The Velvet Underground, Regina Spector, Little Birdy and Rihanna, Playtime with Grace and Fergus is performed live and acoustic.

Playtime with Grace and Fergus is performed cabaret style with piano in a naturalist style. Songs are linked together with autobiographical true stories.

Fergus Deasy once travelled the world living the life of a bona fide rock star but now teaches guitar and drives a forklift for a living. Grace King, who is blind, is an IT expert who once worked for NASA. She was rejected from advancing in American Idol when a judge said, due to her blindness she could never learn to dance.

Playtime with Grace and Fergus is a celebration of ability. Join us on an intimate, uplifting, funny musical journey by two friends helping each other find meaning in life and love. Playtime with Grace and Fergus is the first collaboration from Sunday Afternoon Collective with Mark and Jacqueline Homer, Dr Jenny de Reuck and Kelly Read. Previously Mark was Artistic Director of Zing Theatre Singapore and currently works with PICA and DADAA. Jacqueline is currently Head of Production at DADAA and previously worked as a Production Manager in Asia and Australia including the first musical to tour China, Action Theatre/Cameron McIntosh co-production, Chang and Ang. Dr Jenny de Reuck is an Associate Professor Emerita and is a Theatre/Theatre in Education/Literature specialist. Kelly Read is a vocal coach and a contemporary vocalist and pianist who has worked with the finest musicians in Perth

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Autobiographical Live Music Comedy Cabaret.

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