Riptide Youth Performance Company - Walk With Me


This is an audio and site specific performance piece that takes audience members on a guided tour of Mandurah's Dolphin Quay. Co-created by the young Riptide ensemble (made up of emerging artists aged 15 - 25) and artistic director Katt Osborne

The work takes audiences on a playful and interactive journey to explore the fragile beauty of the local landscape. The public work-in-progress performance season for the work will happen at Mandurah's Stretch arts Festival on May 5 & 6. The development has been funded by the DLGSC through the Creative Regions program.

Each tour will take between 30 & 40 minutes, with a maximum will meet at MANPAC to begin their journey. They will be given headphones and listen to text and soundscapes as they follow the 'tour guide' around the Quay. Along the way, the audience will encounter performers and be invited to participate in playful interactive moments along the journey. The work will provide audience members with a fun and surprising experience for locals to see a part of their differently and through the eyes of its young people. 

We will take the feedback on from the work-in-progress season in May and aim to present the final version of the work later in 2018. At the conclusion of the process in May, we will also refine the steps of the process it took to create the work. Our ultimate goal for this work is to travel to other regional WA towns to facilitate the creation of similar youth led audio-tours that are re-created to be site specific and responsive to the young people in whichever location we go.  

Directed By

Katt Osborne



Availability Status

In development