Rules of Summer

Why do rules exist and what happens when we break them?

Based on Shaun Tan’s award-winning book, Rules of Summer follows the emotional journey of two young boys as they explore the world around them. Through a series of mysterious rules such as ‘Never step on a snail’, or ‘Never argue with an umpire’, the bond between the boys is tested. As each rule is broken – not always by accident – surprising consequences ensue. A performance like no other … see the entire theatre space come to life; bubbles will float through the space, wind will blow through your hair as a storm erupts and you will make a choice to accept or reject a tasty treat. Experience a sensory world of sight, taste, smell, touch and sound as this exciting unchartered adventure re-imagines how the audience and performers interact and challenges perceptions of puppetry.


Form and Style 

Puppetry, participatory and sensory.


Community and Audience Engagement 

– Presenters will be supplied with Creative Learning Packs that can be sent to teachers. Activities and discussion points are links to the Wa Education Curriculum.
– Theatre Foyer Activity; Always and Never Rules – At the foyer entrance are two large blackboards, with chalk, where people can write their Always and Never rules. Participants can finish off the Always statement with there own rule ie “Always brush your teeth before bed” and for the Never Board ” Never run with scissors: While the show is in, a volunteer swaps the the words Always and Never around so the rules change! As the audience leaves the theatre, they may or may not notice that the rules have changed!. This subtle game that we play with the audience works well to explore the themes of the show.

– Pre and On-tour promotional posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Available Marketing 

Professional poster/ flyer artwork, promo video, photographs, sample media release,
– Logo pack
– Marketing collateral templates

– Example templates from previous productions – Media release template
– Creative team and performer headshots
– Behind-the-scenes photography

– Production photography – Promotional trailers
– Teacher Notes
– Reviews


“This production is a complete sensory experience that was audibly beautiful, visually majestic and very tactile, especially for those children (and adults) invited up on stage to take part in the action. With bubbles, rabbit poo, tasty sweet food, confetti, and leaf blowers, this production will leave you tingling as the audience are invited into the world of the two brothers.
I believe this immersive production is groundbreaking in its interactive, multi-sensory form” – Theatre Diary Review by Gregory RyanTheatre Diary Review by Gregory Ryan – ★★★★★

“They’ve created something truly special with this show. The level of audience interaction was great. People were laughing and pointing to the stage and kids were asking questions and commenting loudly about what was happening…If you want to share a new experience with your kids I highly recommend this show.”
Weekend Notes Perth review by Marisa Quinn-Haisu

“Rules of Summer is a sensory overload in the best way possible and is guaranteed to have the whole family talking about it for months after. It’s a show that makes you appreciate how important curiosity and imagination are for developing a sense of creativity in young people.”
– Scoop Events Review by Adrianna Jakimowicz


Based on the book by Shaun Tan
Director – Philip Mitchell
Adapting Writer – Ian Sinclair
Assistant Director – Rebecca Bradley
Designer – Leon Hendroff, with Puppet Makers Sanjiva Margio and Bryan Woltjen
Composer – Lee Buddle
Lighting Designer – Graham Walne
Performers – Rebecca Bradley, Nick Pages-Oliver, David Vikman


Not available to tour


Children and Families


Children and families


50 minutes plus 10 minute Q & A

Bump In

8 hours

Bump Out

3 hours


Weekly Cost: $15,235 (max 11 shows per week)
Cost per performance: $7,617.50 (max 2 shows per day)
Remount: N/A
Royalties: 10.5%
*Above fees do not include travel costs

Company Contacts

Susan Clarke
0433 882 012

Company Website


Venue Format

Proscenium Arch, Black Box, Thrust

Touring Party

3 cast + 1 crew = 4


Show Warnings: N/A

First possible performance: Morning of 2nd day

Minimum break between shows: 3 hours

Minimum stage width: 10 metres

Minimum stage depth: 8 metres

Minimum stage height: 4 metres

Minimum wing space: 1 metres

Staging & set description: A central gauze cube sits centrally with 10 framed boxes around the stage. The show ideally works with all masking removed from the theatre including borders. The rig is exposed and forms part of the aesthetic of the work. A snail puppet appears above the audience – so ideally access to the grid above the audience is ideal otherwise other appearance points can be found. A bubble machine to be position above the audience A clothesline/powerline runs from USL to DSL and continues into the auditorium above the audience. This can be varied according to auditorium size. Depending on distance from the first row to the apron – the first row may need to be blocked out for performer access across the apron at auditorium level. Minimum clearance of 1m from knees of audience. Ushers would be required to spray orange natural deodorant into the auditorium in the last five minutes of the performance. *Access from the stage to the auditorium is Essential.

Lighting provided by the company: 2 x Clay Paky Mythos movers 1 x laptop running Qlab 1 x haze machine 2 x bubble machines 3 x blower vacs Speakers if required.

Lighting to be provided by the venue: 36 channels required: ON STAGE 10 x 1k profiles on stage Selecon 12/18 or equivalent (2 on floor stands) 1 x 1k profile on stand/free standing ladder at 3m Selecon 12/18 or equivalent 9 x Acclaim 18/30 (or equivalent) on bars 2 x 500w fresnels with barndoors on floor stands 5 x 1k fresnels with barndoors for bars FOH 15 X 1K profiles – some of which need to hit the auditorium roof and aisles.

Audio provided by the company: 2 x Clay Paky Mythos movers 1 x laptop running Qlab 1 x haze machine 2 x bubble machines 3 x blower vacs Speakers if required.

Audio to be provided by the venue: Sound is full surround sound. 2 speakers to be hung from bars above rear of set and 2 placed at rear of auditorium.

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: x1 technician for bump-in/bump-out, FOH staff.

Dressing rooms required: 1

Other technical or performance notes: FREIGHT NOTES • 2 aluminium road case on wheels – 1820 x 1020 x 600mm, weighing approx. 120kgs – tail-lift required (puppets props and equipment) • 1 x road case on wheels with movers 1200 x 700 x 500 (Clay Paky movers) • 2 x 1200 x 600 x 600 rostra boxes – wrapped (couch and TV boxes) • 1 x boxed robot puppet 1000 x 600 x 600 • 1 x production box 800 x 400 x 400 (leads, hardware and equipment) • 10 x wooden framed boxes • 2 x speakers with stands 400 x 500 x 300 • 4 x wooden 2000 x 2000 x 100 frames (these could be broken down if necessary for air freight to 2000 x 1000 x 200 NOTE: Some items are fragile and should be handled with care. Other than the aluminium road cases, all items are light enough to be carried by 1 or 2 people.