SIREN is a seaside dance performance that combines wearable sculpture, rhythmic sound and gutsy movement like nothing you've ever seen before. Stumble across a habitat of distorted sea creatures and humans now inhabiting your local sands.

SIREN is a unique multidisciplinary seaside performance that explores our concern for the care of our oceans. The work investigates the human relationship with the environment and the need to revive and foster a connection back to nature. The combination of sand-based dance, wearable art and an original sound composition delivers an unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages.

SIREN is a free 45-minute pop-up performance which takes place during sunset. Audiences can expect to see five SIREN creatures (dancers) who are dressed in upcycled leotards, sculptural headdresses made from recycled plastics and skeletal like crinoline skirts, adorned with recycled fabrics. The overall costume design was inspired by the bright ultraviolet colours and shapes of deep-sea creatures. These wearable art elements are designed to be worn on the body or taken off and built into freestanding sculptures on the beach. The sculptural elements are reminiscent of a sea creature that has been washed ashore.

Presenting SIREN outdoors offers the community access to live performance in a relaxed environment outside of a traditional theatre space. We invite people to bring a towel, beach chair or picnic rug and relax with some nibbles while they enjoy this unique sunset performance.

Form and Style

SIREN is a hybrid performance of contemporary dance, original composition and wearable art. The performance space is marked out on the sand by the speaker system with the ocean in the background. The speakers have special sculptural pieces made from hessian and crochet which enable the space to become a magical playground for the creatures to inhabit. The dancers enter from the sand, slowly making their way to the performance space. There is rubbish and other debris that is buried in the sand and collected to drive home the messaging and intention of the piece.

The dancing utilizes the sand to inform and create and intriguing and unique movement language. The dancers can be seen through the show take on different forms depending on how they layer their sculptural pieces on their bodies.

The sculptures are set pre-show and taken away 20min prior to the performance. These sculptural elements are free standing and colourful which are very engaging for younger children.

We have a pre-show playlist and invite the audience to arrive 30minutes prior to the start of the show to have a picnic and soak in the environment.

Community Engagement

SIREN’s community engagement programs can include workshops in dance and sculpture making. We can offer movement meditation classes for General Public on the beach or a more formal dance workshop at a community centre. We offer an interactive, family friendly workshop where children are invited to play and explore within the imaginary world created by the SIREN creatures and a sculpture workshop in how to repurpose plastics and fabrics to create artworks. We want to encourage communities to engage in beach clean ups and reconsider how they can reduce reuse and recycle plastic and clothing waste.


“I attended the show on Friday evening at Scarborough Beach and found it to be a great experience and spectacle. The story the dancers told in their performance, the costumes and music were all excellent against the amazing backdrop of the surf and sand at this iconic beach. Well worth seeing for sure.” – Nigel W, Fringe Feed

“A stunning, thought evoking piece. Siren is a beautiful display of creativity, talent and athleticism. The thought behind the piece and how it interacts with the physical surroundings is incredible.” – Brittany Z, Fringe Feed

“What a fantastic community event with Fringe! The dancers took you through all the emotions with their piece highlighting the importance of keeping our oceans and beaches clean. A brilliant musical score to support. Costumes were out of this world. Can we also talk about the location – amazing!!” – Megan R, Fringe Feed

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Talitha Maslin is an emerging choreographer specialising in site specific dance film and works between regional WA and Perth.

Ashleigh White is an under 30 artist who has directed and produced many site-specific dance works and built a well respected profile and body of work as co-founder and co-director for Gogi Dance Collective.

Mimi Dennett is a well established sculptural artist living in regional NSW.

Kristie Rowe is a mother of 2 young girls who works as a visual artist and designer. She has previously run a fashion label with her mother and their designs have featured in Vouge magazine

Cr0nes (Tess Stephenson) identifies as non-binary and is creating the sound for the work. They play in several bands in the Perth metro area as well as working as a producer for Moana.

Dancers Sarah Chaffey, Montserrat Heras and Isabel Wartmann are incredible artist collaborators and performers on the project. Their movement and performance presence is masterful and powerful.


Late spring 2022 - early Autumn 2023


Ballet and Dance


45 min

Bump In

3 hours

Bump Out

2 hours


Remount Cost: $4,445
Weekly Fee: $8,844
Royalties: 5%

Company Contacts

Talitha Maslin
0438 902 938

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Venue Format

Site-Specific at the beach. We are happy to discuss alternatives for in-land locations.

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 3

Does this show require a remount? Yes

First Possible Performance: As soon as bump in concludes

Minimum Break Between Shows: 4 hours

Minimum stage dimensions: 10m x 8m

Staging and Set Description: SIREN is a site specific beach dance work and we will work with presenters to locate the most suitable beach area for the performance. The beach must be suitable for a performance area of 10m x 8m and a minimum 3m clearance from tide line. The surface and sand grade must be between fine and course, rocky or shell encrusted beaches are not suitable. We will provide rakes for removing seaweed and other debris when setting up. Performance area will be marked by speakers configured in a semi-circle with the ocean becoming the backdrop to the performance area. The generator and EMP console will be required to be located off the sand, either in the dune or nearby grassed area. Cast require access to Bathroom / Changing rooms in an accessible location. Audience are encourage to bring a picnic blanket, beach towel or chair to the performance. The audience is welcome to roam and view 360 degrees but will be encouraged to remain facing towards the ocean. We are currently developing an access and inclusion plan for more specifications on the audience experience.

Lighting requirements: No lighting is required for this performance, however the performance must
be conducted during daytime hours.

Audio requirements: All audio equipment to be set on beach to mapped requirements by audio

Equipment list:
Audio Soundcraft EPM 8 console,
5 x QSC K10 1000W,
Speakers 10A Piggyback,
IEC Power Cable – 1m
iPod / Playback Cable – 3.5mm to 1/4″ Jack Jack – 1/4″
TRS to Male XLR Cables
Power/Signal Combo (IEC) – 10m Power/Signal Combo (IEC) – 15m
Power/Signal Combo (IEC) – 20m Power/Signal Combo (IEC) – 5m
Generator Generator – 3KVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter,
1x MacBook + audio software.
1x Set up map for audio equipment.

Additional equipment:
Optional marquee for sound operators desk and generator location.

Other technical or performance notes: All audio equipment to be set on beach to mapped requirements by audio technician. Sculptural elements to be set up by the directors. Dancers will rake seaweed and other debris to ensure the performance area is clean of harmful objects. Sculptural installation including atmospheric sound will run between 10min and 30min prior to performance