Structural Dependency

This performance will merge dancers, space and sound, within an expansive yet intimate environment. Structural Dependency is a new contemporary dance work where the audience set to be immersed by the hypnotic movement and physicality where the movement, space and sound collide.

Brooke Leeder & Dancers are a small independent Perth based company of dancers and collaborators, with an intent to take contemporary dance out of the theatre and into unconventional performance spaces. We want to connect with our audiences in new ways, to be at eye level, to play with proximity, a sense of expanse and intimacy, set within grand and unusual spaces. We’ve performed in the Foyer of Crown Ballroom, to a car park and sea container, to the B Shed in Fremantle, with the stunning harbour and working port as the backdrop.

Our work, Structural Dependency, has the ability to adapt to different spaces, and can find new audiences within regional communities, through galleries, Town Halls and other open theatre spaces.

The core concept of this work in embodied by the title, Structural Dependency, an immersive and participatory experience where the movement, space, sound and viewer depend on each other, structurally relying on each other. The most delicate of structures is the audience, it is my intention for them to know what to do, to see the structure or system, to understand through the repetition. Much like any ritual, to repeat and follow and be involved. No interaction will be sudden, yet a long drawn out visual understanding of what is happening around them, to a place where the audience could potentially interact more with the dancers, we seek that from them. At a time of feeling so much isolation I want this performance to create a bond, between performer, audience member, visually and audibly, this moment shared within this space.

Brooke Leeder & Dancers are a group of core creatives making new exciting contemporary dance works, with a drive and rigour to work together on projects around connection and significant experiences, in more unique performance spaces.


Form and Style:

The walls, pillars, surrounding structures, even the chairs the audience are sitting on become involved in the work, closing the gap between viewer and performer, the audience members become participants, they become a part of the structures the work depends on. Some sections play with long, repetitious choreography, setting up systems and patterns, creating hypnotic, mesmerising movements that are decoded by the audience, seeing the choreography unfold and evolve before them, shifting slightly and at times dramatically. Within the interactive sections the audience are to feel safe to experience the connection they have with the dancers and the space, invited into a more sensory experience, not just visual.

Key choreographic components are systems and physical puzzles that end up visually clicking into place, the structure of the choreography is recognised by the audience, the pattern is repeated to show the structure, how the structure relates to all the dancers in the space. Varying speeds and tempo’s, movement ending and beginning, matched with the proximity to performers, the ebb and flow to the work creates a tension that is visceral and once the moments pass, a sense of relief is, at times, quite physical for the viewer.

This piece merges a highly intimate experience and the close proximity of dancer and viewer, juxtaposed with the use of the grand performance spaces and my highly physical choreographic style.


Community and Audience Engagement:

With the performance; post show Q and A.

Post show space engagement workshops with dancers, lighting and sound, demystifying the tech elements.

Pre-show workshops – of all ages, skills and abilities, during the day, to potentially learn a section of the work to find it within the performance that evening. Viewing of company warm up class prior to performance, meet the Artists.

Dance schools or student dancers, participating in warm up with the company. Community group workshops; all ages and abilities.

Within the High and Primary schools, there are some residency options. With a large cast residencies could happen at multiple schools at the same time. Primary school day residencies for dance, drama and music sessions, linked to verbal and non verbal communication, linking sound with movement cue points. High School residencies linked to curriculum and ATAR Dance courses, physical movement linked to Drama courses. Workshops on composition, sound scapes, movement scores, visual art as stimulus.


Available Marketing:

  • Professional poster and postcards, digital and print.
  • Photographs and video packages, at various lengths for Instagram and social media.
  • Media release package.
  • Choreographer Profile, Dancer Profiles.
  • Education packages – Primary and Secondary.



‘Set to a driving industrial- tinged soundtrack dancers charge about the stage in gorgeous synchronicity. An exploration of the body as an organic machine… The dancers weave in and out of patterns, they split off for tautly choreographed duos, they join and re-join the group, moving as one.’ Varnya Bromilow, The West Australian


‘Phenomenal show RADAR by Brooke Leeder, Perth’s new contemporary dance company presenting in breathtaking locations – harbour life as a backdrop to powerful choreography and brilliant live soundscape… The effect was staggering!’ Anne-Louise Willoughby.


About the people involved:

We are a company of highly skilled performers, the dancers all WAAPA graduates and extensive experience in the Perth community. Many work as teachers and educators of all ages, myself a qualified Teacher. Playful and kind, we are highly adaptable people, responsive and supportive to all, with our aim to demystify the stigma that is ‘contemporary dance,’ we are here to share a connection through movement, light and sound, a simple look and glance, we are here to bring you along a journey, with our primary question to our audience – ‘what did you feel?’

As a small company of dancers and collaborators, we work in unconventional performance spaces, within tight budgets and deadlines. We understand our creative language and value each other’s voices during a creation process. Having people that trust and challenge each other, all working within our creative ‘lanes’ toward a common end, works with depth, heart and connection with each other and our audience.


Best New Work, Nina Levy, Dance Australia Magazine 2019

Best Newcomer – Lilly King, Nina Levy, Dance Australia Magazine, 2019









October 2021




Young people, Gen X, musicians, performers, visual artists, people who enjoy live music, attend community events.


95 minutes

Bump In

6 hours

Bump Out

4 hours


- Weekly Fee: $25,326
- Remount: $41,420
- No royalties
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Brooke Leeder
0410 505 579

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Venue Format

Halls, Open spaces, Theatres, galleries, Town Halls, this work is adaptable.

Touring Party

13 people


First possible performance: Morning of 2nd day

Minimum break between shows: One day

Minimum stage width: 10-metres

Minimum stage depth: 10-metres

Minimum stage height: Not limited to

Staging and Set Description: Audience eye level with performers, thrust seating preferred but not limited to

Lighting provided by the company: Complete Staging Events – Nemo Gandosinni-Poireir

Lighting to be provided by the venue: Possible extra lights

Audio provided by the company: Complete sound scape and mixer – Louis Frere-Harevy

Audio to be provided by the venue: Speakers and subs

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 1 x multitasker

Dressing Rooms Required: 2