Through aerial artistry, comedy and theatre, Tandem tells a story of two women; the ups and downs of their friendship and the laughter that keeps them together.

As intimate as it is spectacular, Tandem is a celebration of a long-lasting friendship- and all the hurdles along the way.

Through an array of aerial artistry, mixed with physical theatre and comedy, the audience is taken on an intimate (and spectacular) journey through real life milestones of this his decade-long friendship. They bare witness to the heart felt highs, the crushing lows, the constant pulling-the-piss, and that oh too often catalyst of ‘miscommunication.’

And how at the end of the day, despite their differences, they still choose one another – and rock out in the way they know how to. In this case, on the Doubles Trapeze, in an awe inspiring and intricate routine that they have performed all over the world and won many awards for, including the Toronto Buskerfest (one of the largest Street Arts festivals in the world) and Best WA Circus Award at Fringe World.

Natural Wings are passionate about pushing the boundary of Aerial Dance and Circus Arts. They have toured the world numerous times, and performed at prestigious Arts festivals, but they now feel a strong pull to stay in WA, and share their art at grass roots level. Both artists are country girls and strive to give back to the world where they grew their wings.

Recently performed at Ireland’s Aerial Dance Festival, the WA Circus Festival and toured regionally to remote locations in the Gascoyne and Pilbara regions.


Form and Style:

Tandem is presented in a series of circus-vignettes of real life moments which have defined this duo.

Weaving their bodies through an array of aerial apparatuses, physical theatre and comedy, the audience bares witness to a unique partnership where one wrong move would mean dropping your best friend (literally)

The aerial apparatuses are a tool to access emotions, rather than demonstrating only the skills- making the work both spectacular and relatable. Each movement is carefully formulated, with the choreography coming directly from the artist’s decade(s) of research and development.

Natural Wings is Perth’s leading, most awarded and longest running Contemporary Aerial Theatre company. Described as unique, innovative and beautiful, Natural Wings is known to invoke emotions and inspire, especially the young girls.

Among the shyness or over-talking or cartwheeling non stop; the look in their eyes after a show, says that they have witnessed something they won’t forget, and has given them something to aspire towards. Their parents thank us profusely, and have a similar look in their eyes that say they won’t forget it either.

The biggest message to come from our work is that women don’t have to wear sexy costumes to be seen, and in fact we can be honest, we can be strong, we can be funny… and we can wear the pants!

Tandem has multiple performance options;

We are armed with a free standing Aerial Rig, Battery powered speakers and lighting, plus camper trailers to boot, making it possible to tour to places that don’t have rigging (or power)


Community and Audience Engagement:

  • Curtain Raiser:  We are able to work with a community group to create an acrobatic performance, which will debut prior to our show. This encourages the participants’ peers and family to experience the whole event.
  • Roving Performance: We perform and teach a variety of ground based circus skills and have been Roving entertainers for 15+ years. Through a series of masterclasses, local students will learn Roving techniques, which will then be performed under our watchful eyes prior to Tandem starting. They can welcome the audience into the venue or walk around them as they are seated (depending on the space)
  • Local musician: Before and after the performance, a local musician/s will serenade the audience. This works beautifully for outdoor and intimate spaces, especially as the Roving Performers move through the crowds. I love this option, to give local musicians another avenue to showcase their art to their community.
  • Circus skills: Before or after the show, the public are invited onstage or in the foyer to try their hand at some (ground based) circus skills. Its a lovely way to connect with the audience.
  • Contemporary Pilates: Dawn is a Contemporary Pilates instructor, focusing largely on mums and nurturing the nurturer. A lovely addition to any event.

P.S. We prefer to stay in a community for at least 3 days each- or even a week or two in a region, going between towns if possible. We love to be a part of the community rather than just blowing in.


Available Marketing:

  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Videos of varying lengths
  • Hundreds of photographs (landscape, portrait, indoor, outdoor, posed and live)


These girls are AMAZING!!! seriously talented, giving back to the community by taking art to the bush. Thankyou for coming to Bullara Station Stay – we loved it as did all our guests. – Edwina, Bullara Station Owner.


Natural Wings have developed their own magic … The choreography taps into experiences and feelings that lie in the spaces of our shared existence that are without words, beyond words and yet affect us deeply, more than the power of words” ​ – Australian Stage

4.5 Stars – The West Australian






Ready Anytime for smaller tour. larger tour March 2021


Circus, Theatre


Families, adult choirs, school choirs, young musicians, song writers, First Nation artists


45 minutes

Bump In

2 hours

Bump Out

1 hour


- Weekly Fee: $9,000
- Remount: $2,500
- No royalties
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Dawn Pascoe
0448 729 493

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Venue Format

Outdoor, Prosenium, black box, in the Round

Touring Party

4 (2 cast, 2 crew)


First possible performance: 2 hours after bump in

Minimum break between shows: 1 show per day

Minimum stage width: 7 metres

Minimum stage depth: 5 metres

Minimum stage height: 6 metres

Staging and Set Description: The only set is aerial apparatuses and plain ground. For venues with no aerial rigging capabilities, we have a Free standing Aerial Rig which can be set up anywhere (indoor or outdoor) with a footprint of 9 x 7 metres and height of 6 metres.

Lighting provided by the company: 4 x Blizzard Battery powered lights – perfect for outdoor Sunset Shows and smaller venues.

Lighting to be provided by the venue: For larger venues- General Lighting rig with different lighting states for each scene. Must be lit from ground to 7 metres high.

Audio provided by the company: 2 x Samson Battery powered speakers BA330

Audio to be provided by the venue: For larger theatres with sound systems, we only need a point for ipod.

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 1

Dressing Rooms Required: 1