The Big HOO-HAA! & The Little HOO-HAA!

The Big HOO-HAA! sees two teams of fearless comedians take the stage to do battle in a competition of wit, humour and bad mime skills in an effort to win the audience's love, applause and the coveted HOO-HAA trophy.

If theatre and stand up comedy met one night in a smoky bar and after a few drinks found themselves in a compromising position in the back of a clapped out ’67 Volks Wagon, the result of this sordid tryst would be The Big HOO-HAA! The Big HOO-HAA! Is a night of comedy that will help you forget your troubles and have you laughing out loud from start to finish. In the style of “Who’s line is it anyway” and “Thank God You’re Here” The Big HOO-HAA! sees two teams of fearless comedians take the stage to do battle in a competition of wit, humour and bad mime skills in an effort to win the coveted Horse’s Arse Trophy. It’s a no holds barred race to the punch line. This is an interactive show that uses the audience suggestions to create improvised comedy sketches. The show is completely improvised therefore every performance is wonderfully unique and created just for you! Cut Snake Comedy launched the improvised comedy show “The Big HOO-HAA!” in June 2002 and since then has been running weekly and has gained a huge following. The Big HOO-HAA! Crew have performed to thousands of people in Western Australia (and franchised in Melbourne and Broome) , as well as their weekly shows at lazy Susan’s Comedy Den they have performed for numerous corporate clients including Perth Wildcats, Bankwest and Chevron. A regular at Fringe World Festival and The Melbourne Comedy Fest as well as many sold out Birthday shows. The HOO-HAA Crew includes some of Perth’s best Stand Up Comedians and actors working in Radio, television and Theatre in Perth.


Form and Style
The Big HOO-HAA! is a high energy improvised comedy show that uses audience suggestions and interaction to create impromptu sketches that are hilarious and unique. There is no fourth wall, there is no elaborate set, there is no end to the possibilities for comedy. if it helps, think Who’s Line is it Anyway meets Theatre Sports meets Spicks and Specks. The Little HOO-HAA! is very similar to The Big HOO-HAA! except the show is 50 minutes long and there is only family friendly content. The stage is set with a free standing back drop six chairs and microphone. Our musician plays house music, house lights dim, the stage goes black and our musician introduces the MC who explodes on stage with high energy, a run down of how the show will run and a few tight gags. Then the two teams of comedians are welcomed to the stage with a round of applause then we are off. An improvised song based on the names of audience members is first up, followed by scenes based on audience suggestions, a date gone wrong, a childhood best friend, a petty annoyance. A couple of songs, a guess the mime and some punch lines ensue. The audience votes, yelling out “Hearts” or “Bones”and a winner is crowned. everyone has had a good laugh and been part of a comedy experience. We are very adaptable and have played every space from His Majesty’s Theatre to the Donny Brooke Football club but there are a few staging elements that we know make a huge difference to the show. A good sound system. A dark room with light focused on the stage. A raised stage if the audience is on the level or cabaret seating. Happy in a theatre with racked seating. No meals served during the show. A happy but no overly drunk audience.



The Big HOO-HAA!

“The Big… (cue) HOO-HAA! Wowee what an event! The comedy was outstanding and had us all in stitches. The improv skills were envious; so witty & quick!” Mela S – Yelp review

“From beginning to end, The Big HOO-HAA! is a laugh riot that has the audience roaring so loudly they almost can’t catch their breaths.” James Burnside- Fringe World

“The comedy put up by the Big Hoo Haa was super awesome. I didn’t even laugh this hard when I watched Chris Rock’s stand up comedy.” Jenn H. – Yelp


The Little HOO-HAA!

From audience survey of UWA School Holiday season

“Loved that it was enjoyable for both parents and children. I think I laughed more than the kids!”

“Show was great, appealed to both my 7 and 11 year old. We will be coming again next school hols.”

“Such a great idea, a comedy show for kids! Loved it! Thanks!!!”

“Due to a traffic incident, we missed the start of your show.”


Always available


Children / Family, Comedy, Improvisation, Participatory / Interactive


The Big HOO-HAA! is an 18+ show that is best suited to 18- 60 year olds. We are an inclusive show so gender and orientation is not an issue. The Little HOO-HAA! is for families, ideally with children from 5- 15 and their parents and guardians. The key demographic and sales point is comedy. those who want to laugh will enjoy this show. We don't pick on or patronise our audience.


The Big HOO-HAA! - 110 minutes (including a 15 minute intermission) but we can also do shorter shows if it suits the presenter. The Little HOO-HAA! is a 50 minute show with no intermission. it can be shortened to 40 minutes if requested.

Bump In

3 hours

Bump Out

1 hour


'- Weekly Fee: $12,086
- Cost per performance: $2,924.52
- No remount
- 5% royalties
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Sam Longley
0415 827 384

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Venue Format

We are very adaptable and have played every space from His Majesty's Theatre to the Donny Brooke Football club. Proscenium Arch, Black Box, Cabaret or adapted multi purpose room with lights and sound system. Talk to us we might be able to make it work.

Technical Rating


Touring Party

5 cast, 2 crew = 7


Show Warnings: The Big HOO-HAA! may contain course language and adult themes. The Little HOO-HAA! may contain traces of nuts (just joking).

First possible performance: TBC

Minimum break between shows: 2 hours

Stage & Set Description: The stage is set with a free standing back drop (3mx 2.4m) six chairs and microphone. Down stage left is a small table with keyboard, Laptop and microphone for the musician.

Minimum stage width: 5 meters

Minimum stage depth: 3 meters

Minimum stage height: 3 meters

Lighting provided by the company: None… unless required

Lighting to be provided by the venue: A warm wash to cover full stage. Additional lighting is appreciated if available. Tour manager is able to consult on lighting matters.

Audio provided by the company: Laptop and keyboard and small mixer. if required we can organise PA and microphone for an additional fee.

Audio to be provided by the venue: DI, microphone on stand and PA

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: Front of House staff as per venue requirements.

Dressing Rooms Required: Yes please. 1 female, 1 male preferred

Other Technical Performance Notes: We would like to be in the space and warming up for an hour before the doors open (no earlier than 30 minutes before show time).

Community and Audience Engagement:

I believe the presenters are the people who know their audience best and are in a better position to engage the community. We are willing to offer workshops in improvisation or comedy writing at an additional fee. Our shows are based on what our audience gives as suggestions that means that the show is unique and directly engages with the community.

Available marketing:

Posters, flyers, press releases, youtube clips, photographs and comedians with radio interview experience.