Unsung Heroes

An intimate theatre experience celebrating what it means to be West Australian.

This double bill of pseudo biographical stories offers an intimate theatre experience, drawing on what it means to be West Australian, celebrating our identity and culture. The Unremarkable and Ordinary Life of Carmela Caterina Tassone (Née Panaia) by Chris Isaacs tells the story of an Italian immigrant woman, one of the many hundreds of people who migrated post WW11 to build new lives in Australia. A woman that places aren’t named after, who never made the headlines, of an exceptional yet nondescript existence. Share in the quiet determination, commitment and strength that makes this unremarkable story, extraordinary.

Song in the Key of Trust by Mararo Wangai is the story of Momed Saluman from Maputo, Mozambique and his journey to becoming a well-known musician who travels the world and now currently lives in Fremantle.

Combined, these intriguing and personal tales performed by the playwrights, will incite conversation; reminding us of the empathy we all share as we connect through stories of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.


Form & Style:

These solo stories have been created with touring in mind, therefore require minimal technical specifications. They would suit a studio/black box theatre or an intimate community venue such as a town hall or public space given there was the ability to perform to a closed audience and within the required tech specs.

The monologues link to ATAR Drama, especially for those students sitting the Year 11 and 12 Drama Practical exam. Year 11 General Drama students will find close connections to ideas in Unit 1 with dramatic storytelling.

There is potential for unique community engagement add on experiences including workshops or bespoke documentary projects which will identify and document local unsung heroes in the presenting town.


Community & Audience Engagement:

Black Swan values ‘walking together’. We continue to explore new ways to connect and engage with audiences. Our aim as producer is to work with you, schools and the wider local communities to plan and facilitate meaningful engagement strategies that add value and provide deeper and more relevant connection with audiences. Working together we will develop and share experiences that your community want, feel part of and will cherish. Black Swan will also provide full marketing materials for all touring from the Perth digital season. A marketing plan and community engagement plan are attached.


Available marketing:

– Artwork for posters, flyers (printed here in Perth with ad placement in select Regional papers)

– Distribution costs by locals in regard to posters and postcards

– Full media kit provided with reviews from Perth season (plus media articles)

– Social & digital media examples and template and ideas to be shared

– A 15 second trailer to be developed for use by venues for promotional purposes

– Official Regional Tour Program (TBA)


“Performed by Isaacs with sincerity and nuance, it’s a sweet, insightful addition to the rich vein of stories that have come out of Australia’s Italian migrant experience”

“Mararo Wangai’s Song in the Key of Trust is an ecstatic story of the musical tide of Mozambique that lifted a poor young boy from the bairros of Mafalala into an international career”

-David Zampatti, Seesaw Magazine




Chris Isaacs

Mararo Wangai



Director: Emily McLean

Director: Joe Paradise Lui

Writers: Chris Isaacs, Mararo Wangai

Lighting Designer: Karen Cook

Composer/Sound Designer: Joe Paradise Lui

Costume Designer: Lynn Ferguson

Dramaturg: Polly Low

Stage Manager: TBC

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Theatre and Puppetry


Demographic • Broad adult demographic with a skew towards tertiary educated females 35-65 YO • A/B Demographic who have attended theatre in the past year • Open to a variety of works Mindset: • Enjoy culture that links to beauty, history, nature, heritage and traditional art forms, particularly related to their lives in Western Australia • They are community minded and are interested in learning about themselves and others around them; They derive a sense of connection and community through live theatre. • They embrace societal issues and see live theatre as a way to see the world in new and different ways. • They view culture as a way of improving themselves and their self-identity. Specific segments • Community theatre groups • Educators High Schools – High school/ TAFE/ University/ technical colleges • Multicultural centres / clubs (Italian, African) •Retirement homes •Culture clubs such as Book Clubs, Oral History groups, etc. •Mental Health workers •Festival audiences


The Unremarkable and Ordinary Life of Carmela Caterina Tassone (Née Panaia) – 44 minutes. Song in the Key of Trust- 34 minutes.

Bump In

8 hours

Bump Out

4 hours


- Weekly Fee: $5,262* (based on 2 venues p/week)
- Cost per performance: $2,631* (based on 2 venues p/week)
- No remount until Jan 2021*
- 10% royalties

*Above fees do not include touring costs
*At least 2 venues required per week for the above costings
*Additional community engagement expenses (see Community Engagement Plan)
*Remount is only covered by Black Swan for touring activity before the new year, after which additional remount will need to be considered.

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Jess Knight
Phone: (08) 621 9313
Email: jknight@bsstc.com.au

Company Website



Venue Format

Black box, community centre, public space, Town Hall

Technical Rating


Touring Party



Show Warnings: Nil

First possible performance: 1 hour after bump-in

Minimum break between shows: 2.5 hours

Minimum stage width: 10

Minimum stage depth: 8

Minimum stage height: 4

Minimum Wing Space: 2

Staging and Set Description: Flexible and minimal staging. Two flats a chair and a glass of water. Unsung Heroes can be can be presented in a conventional Proscenium Arch, Black Box Studio, or adapted hall.

Lighting provided by the company: Unsung Heroes has no specific lighting requirements.

Lighting to be provided by the venue: Ideally a 2-colour wash that can be recoloured to a cool wash and a warm wash. 10 x Profiles as specials that can be re focused.Isolated House Lighting that can be dimmed independently of the Stage lighting.

Audio provided by the company: Qlab Apple Mac for playback( Can tour additional audio as required)

Audio to be provided by the venue: Good quality Full Range PA with: 2 x Speakers for Left and Right Channels . 2 x Sub Woofers. Mixer – 2 Channels for Playback

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 1 x Mech (6 hr call) , 1 x sound (6-8 hr call) , 1 x Lighting (6-8hr call) , 2 x Ushers (4 hour call).

Dressing Rooms Required: 2

Other technical or performance notes:

Ideally the touring company would have access to; Communications between operating position and stage. Laundry Facilities with Washer and Drying Machines, Clothesline Area, and Irons. Internet Access for touring staff.