• The story of a clown learning what it means to love.



Designed for families and children (6+) Valentine is an honest, playful, and interactive show about what it means to love and lose somebody. Valentine is a clown and her best friend is her heart. She loves to spend time with her Grandpa, but Grandpa’s heart is running out of time, and there is nothing Valentine can do about it. Valentine is determined to be strong, not to fall apart, but in doing so she loses her heart. With a big empty world ahead of her, the audience helps Valentine on a journey to search for her heart, as she learns to embrace her emotions - even the painful ones.

Form and Style:
Like a story book that comes to life before your eyes, Valentine is an intimate, interactive show using a combination of shadow puppetry, animation and physical theatre. There is one performer onstage who interacts with shadow puppets and animation controlled by a second performer behind a shadow screen. The audience is invited to play as the performer ventures into the audience to search for her lost heart.

Duration of performance: 50 minutes

Interval: No

Maximum performances per week: 11

Remount: $6,500

Weekly Fee: $5,500

Royalties: 4%

Date available: Now, however interested in 2020 tours and beyond.

No. people in Touring Party: 3 (2 performers, 1 Stage manager)

Bump-in Time: 4

Bump-out Time: 2

First Possible Performance: 2 hours after bump-in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 1.5 hours

Theatre formats: Black box (preferred), Small Proscenium Arch

Minimum Stage Width: 5

Minimum Stage Depth: 5

Minimum Stage Height: 2.5

Minimum Wing Space: N/A (0)

Set Description:
Aluminium frame shadow screen, 1 Suitcase of props and equipment

Staging Description:
One performer stands onstage in front of a large shadow screen. A second performer controls puppets and shadows from behind the screen. AV is rear projected. Live camera feed to small monitor behind the shadow screen.

Lighting - provided by company:
3 x Shadow Lamps, Various Torches, DMX - USB interface

Lighting Requirements - to be provided by venue:
House lights, 2 x Boom stands*, 7 x Profiles (creating corridor of light and small amount of down light in front of shadow screen)*, 3 patches to dimmer (for Shadow Lamps)*,
*Suitable alternatives to this equipment can be provided by the company for an additional cost (including options to operate without dimmers)

Audio - provided by company: Qlab file

Audio Requirements - to be provided by venue:
Laptop with Qlab* - to operate both sound and AV, Speakers - input from laptop operating Qlab *Laptop can be provided by the company upon request for a small additional cost

No. of additional lighting staff required from venue: 1 (Bump-in only)

No. of additional sound staff required from venue: 0

No. multi-taskers required from venue: 0

Dressing rooms required: 1

Other technical or performance notes:
To be provided by the venue - Rear Data Projector (short throw if space is limited), To be provided by the company - Live feed camera to monitor.
*Projector can be provided by company upon request for small additional cost

Marketing Collateral:
Photographs, trailer video, video/photos for social media as well as flyer artwork and sample media release.

Community Engagement:
Rachael is an experienced teaching artist and is available to run workshops with kids and/or schools on shadow puppetry and the use of technology in performance. The team can also suggest or help set up foyer activities such as “shadow play” and a “heart hunt”.

Target Market:
Valentine is aimed at children ages 6-12, however we have found that the story resonates just as much with the parents and the adults as it does with the children. This makes it an ideal show to bring the whole family to.

Company Website: https://rachwoodie.wixsite.com/rachaelwoodward

Contact Email: rach.woodie@gmail.com


“Honest, intimate and every bit heart-warming”

Rotunda Media

“Fairy-tale like narration, mesmerising puppetry and slapstick performance style. But it’s the raw and literal way the work deals with loss that surprises.”

Seesaw Magazine


Children & Family, Puppetry, Visual Theatre