Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Vivaldi's Four Seasons as you've never seen it before... Live Baroque Orchestra accompanied by animated images by local school children

This show is Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, performed live, on baroque instruments, as Vivaldi would have heard it himself!

Before the concert, our artist in residence Rachel Wyder works with local children to connect with the themes of nature in the Four Seasons. This work is then animated by Steve Berrick and projected during the concert. The addition of the animations really helps to engage audiences of all ages and enables a greater impact in the show.

Also during the show, Vivaldi’s own poetry is read out for each season, again allowing for a greater understanding and appreciation of the work.

Form and Style

The baroque orchestra is comprised of 7 players; harpsichord, cello, double bass, violas and violins.

The ensemble is on stage with music read from iPads so that no lighting is needed).

The animations are projected above the players and are timed to the music.

The art workshops can be done in school or part of a weekend community workshopping opportunity.

Community Engagement

Music Art making workshops with our resident artist Rachel Wyder for schools/school groups/community groups/home schooled groups


“High strings swooned over fretting chords, zephyrs of sound caressing the hall, enthralling all.

More tuning of the historical strings seemed only to melt further the barrier between stalls and stage before Summer arrived with sunshine and tempest in equal parts.

Barely there and stately in the onset, the ensemble erupted into the drama of baking rays and shimmering thermals, ennervating high noon pursued by energetic flurries and clouds of a gathering storm”. – THE WEST

“The project has been a unique opportunity to create a new approach to music making and listening. The students were able to explore the relationship between art and music and create art in response to the workshops and performances,” – Teacher at Margaret River Independent School

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Australian Baroque is fast becoming the most recognised ensemble in WA. The team brings together performance experience from around the world to create this touching and imaginative show.


November 2022


Live Music, Music


Workshops and animation creation are targeted at ages 6-11. The concert will appeal as a family concert and also as an evening concert. So far we have performed the Four Seasons to over 20,000 people in PERTH ALONE so I think that shows it does have an extremely broad appeal.


1 hour

Bump In

2 hours

Bump Out

30 mins


Weekly Fee: $11,200
Royalties: 0%

Company Contacts

Helen Kruger
0466 310 019

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Venue Format


Touring Party

7 players + 1 artist


Maximum performances a week: 12

Does this show require a remount? No

First Possible Performance: Immediately after bump in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 1 hour

Minimum stage dimensions: 5 x 3 metres

Staging and Set Description : Projection screen and projector (we can hire one if needed)

Lighting requirements: Projection capabilities only as players have sconces for light

Audio requirements: One mic for the presentation. All other elements are acoustic only

Other technical or performance notes: 1 tech is needed for bump in