What the Fandango?!

One six-foot-six song bird in six costumes delivers an unforgettable hour of musical-comedy cabaret.

Performed to standing ovations on off-off Broadway New York City in 2019, What the Fandango?! is a series of vignettes in which award-winning cabaret star Robert Hofmann morphs into four powerful comic personas delivering songs ranging from Schubert to Sondheim. Hofmann opens as the wealthy dame, Dr. Gaye Thyme, in a swirling dress and feathered hat who later reappears torching it up in a red gown. We then meet the musical maestro, Helmut Wunderlicher, whose blue ensemble and fluorescent hair is a living cartoon. Faith-inspired and plainly dressed folk singer, Susan “I know someone just like her” Higgins grabs an audience member for an uproarious duet. He inhabits the accent-laden, outspoken, Sister Virgillious whose musical mayhem and ribald humour put a real cap to this really enjoyable experience.

In this hour of musical comedy cabaret Hofmann changes his costumes, takes water breaks, and even comments to the audience without ever leaving the stage so that costume changes are not apparent until the next character materialises. All this is underpinned by the sonorous playing of Cathie Travers on piano accordion giving an intimacy, verve and South American zest to the show.


Form and Style 

What the Fandango?! is presented in a series of six vignettes with Robert Hofmann playing a different character in a different costume for each one. All the wig and costume changes happen on stage and sometimes even while Robert is singing so the audience is never left waiting for him to re-appear during this one-hour show.

The on-stage changes are facilitated by a “frock prop’ upon which hang all the costumes and wigs needed for the show. Cathie Travers is also on stage for the whole show playing her very beautiful looking and sounding piano accordion.


Community and Audience Engagement

Robert is an experienced touring performer in WA having performed in most major regional centres with the West Australian Opera in Education Program, as a guest artist with DivaLicious or with his own cabaret shows.  Robert usually meets and greets the audience after the show in full costume which creates photo opportunities and helps spread word-of-mouth.

Robert is also an experienced singing teacher in a variety of styles including musical theatre, classical and contemporary and is happy to make himself available for workshops in high schools and community performing arts groups. A day or so before the scheduled performance would be ideal as this would also help promote the show. 

Robert and his team will help promotion in the following ways:  

  • do social media posts about the forthcoming performances linking to venue, region, town. 
  • send emails to audience email list (500+) to let them know about the regional performance in case they have family or friends in the region or will be visiting around that time.
  • make available hero images, poster artwork and previous media releases under “Resources” on this website.


Available Marketing 

Please see “Link to any other useful resources of file sharing” for a Dropbox link to Marketing Materials…

  • hero image (hi res)
  • professional poster
  • flyer artwork
  • production photographs -sample media release -electronic billboard poster -links to video trailers etc

Please see “Links to any video content available” for trailer filmed at performance at The Ellington, Perth in 2019


Touring and Performance History


Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, City of Gosnells (1 performance)

Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre, 1 performance


Revelation Gallery, New York City in West Village (2 performances)

Ellington Jazz Club as part of FRINGE WORLD (3 performances)

The Sonar Room, Fremantle as part of FRINGE WORLD (2 performances)


The Weld Theatre as part of Busselton Fringe (2 performances)

De Parel Spiegeltent as part of FRINGE WORLD (5 performances)

Churchlands Concert Hall (1 performance)

Boya Community Centre (1 performance)


“Hofmann packs an immense arsenal of skills and talent. If we were just serenaded by him – that would have been enough; if we got a chance to see him in his uproarious characters alone – that would have been enough; if we got ample helpings of his music hall merriment – that would… well you get the idea. What we got was a stunning all-around entertainer bringing an act that we – here in the U.S.A. – have never seen.
Next time, he’s in town, I’ll be first on line!”

Evan Meena, Words4Music (New York City) , June 2019

READ FULL REVIEW AT : https://words4musicblog.wordpress.com/2019/07/15/wig-stock-the-many-frocks-of-robert-hofmann/

“Mr Hofmann is a first rate female impersonator in the classic sense”

Jan Ewing, Ewing Reviewing 2019 (Major Works of Off- and Off-Off Broadway in New York City) June 25 2019 (published book)

“There is so much talent and so much fun to be had at the Fringe…but if I must choose one outstanding presentation it would be, I think, Robert Hofmann’s What the Fandango?!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Carol Flavell Neist, Arts Hub 14 February 2019

READ FULL REVIEW AT https://performing.artshub.com.au/news-article/reviews/performing-arts/carol-flavell-neist/review-perths-fringe-world-festival-257295


Robert Hofmann: Singer/Performer/Writer
Cathie Travers: Music Director and Piano Accordionist
Stuart Maunder: Director
Penny Shaw: Assistant Director
Cherie Hewson: Designer
Monika Panizza: Production Manager


From 22 November 2021


Cabaret, Comedy


The key audience includes women over 35 who often seem bring other women friends and/or husbands, same sex attracted people and their parents and friends, comedy and music theatre fans, classical music lovers, fans of Barry Humphries and Reg Livermore.


60 minutes

Bump In

2 hours

Bump Out

1.5 hours


Weekly Fee: $7,000 (negotiable)
Cost per performance: $3,500 (negotiable)
Remount: $500 (negotiable)
Royalties: N/A
*Above fees do not include travel costs.

Company Contacts

Robert Hofmann
0417 185 105


Venue Format

Proscenium Arch, Black Box, Thrust, Hall without stage...ie. very flexible.

Touring Party



Show Warnings: N/A

Remount required: Yes

First possible performance: 2 hours post bump-in.

Minimum break between shows: 17 hours (ie. next day) but matinee and evening show in same venue on same day is possible.

Minimum stage width: 3 metres

Minimum stage depth: 3 metres

Minimum stage height: N/A

Staging & set description: Frock prop (1.5m wide x 2.2m high x 0.5m deep), stool, guitar on stand, piano accordion stool, music stand.

Lighting provided by the company: N/A

Lighting to be provided by the company: Can work with simple white wash (as we did in the Ellington in 2019) or we can make use of more elaborate theatre lighting system as script includes lighting cues.

Audio provided by the company: Piano accordionist provides: 2 x clip on microphones, mic pre-amp with phantom power and small desk.

Audio to be provided by the venue: PA System, 1 x wireless head-set microphone, 1 x DI box and onstage power supply for piano accordion. Or we can also perform the show acoustically in a resonant venue.

No. of additional staff required from the venue: 1 x sound and lighting technician present for tech run and performance.

Dressing rooms required: 2