Reflections & daily musings from the Perth 2024 ISPA Congress

Earlier this month, CircuitWest generously supported the attendance of 15 delegates at the 2024 ISPA mid-year congress and PAC Australia’s Arts Marketing Symposium, where the distinguished associates of the Advisory Board for the Arts presented the Australian findings of the Driving Attendance study. These delegates represented diverse regions across Western Australia, with six from Perth Metro, one from MidWest, seven from the South West, and one from the Wheatbelt.


In addition to the general congress proceedings held throughout the week, select delegates also had the privilege of participating in the Anthony Field Academy, a two-day arts administration program.


To comprehensively capture the conference experience, all sponsored delegates were tasked with submitting daily reflections on their thoughts and experiences during the event. These reflections were also requested to document the delegates’ experiences and disseminate knowledge to those unable to attend. Their reflections can be read here.


We sincerely congratulate the ISPA and PAC Australia teams for their outstanding work organising the congress. The knowledge and experiences acquired throughout the week will undoubtedly enrich our arts community and inspire future initiatives. We also thank all the delegates for their participation and insightful reflections!