Creating publicity strategy

Creating a publicity strategy

This resource provides guidelines for creating a publicity strategy for your marketing. A publicity strategy will give you the steps to take before submitting anything to broadcast, print and online news channels.

Whilst many producers provide excellent media information as part of marketing packs it is important to tailor this to the needs of your location and situation. This may mean modifying and targeting content.

As some producers have limited media material, this resource will provide all the steps for creating a publicity strategy and the material.

Step 1

Setting objectives

The obvious objective is to fill every seat in the venue. The communications objective needs to consider what exactly needs to appear in the media that provides you with the best outcome. Consider the answers to these questions to create your strategy and then your media material.

1. Who will be interested in this performance?
2. What is interesting/original/different about this performance? – OR what is locally relevant in this performance
3. Where and when is the performance taking place?
4. How will they feel because of attending the performance?

Your strategy should consider these and ensure any material is tailored to this outcome.

A typical strategy example

– Target women between the aged of 25-49 who have been involved in dance in their lives to consider reliving experiences.

A location specific strategy example

– Target parochialism in region by attracting people from xx to experience a home grown performance