Customer Frequency: What Is It? Why Is It Important?

The term CUSTOMER FREQUENCY describes the pattern of attendance across your database, or how often customers attend. This is usually expressed in terms of attendances per year. It’s to your advantage to know how many times, on average, your customers have attended in the past.


Because the more someone has attended in the past, the more likely they are to attend in the future.

What does your customer database look like in terms of frequency of customer attendance? Here are some averages (your database might be slightly different):

Of all the people on the average database, 80% are likely to have attended only once.

Of these first timers, 13% are likely to go on to become second timers.

33% of second timers are likely to go on to become third timers, and

48% of third timers are likely to go on to become fourth timers. *

And apparently people who have attended four times or more, are more likely to become regular attenders.

These attendance figures mean that the more first timers you can encourage to become second timers, the more third and fourth timers, and regular attenders, you will have in the future.

Does your ticketing system have a report that identifies first timers for you?