Sensorium takes out the best producer of the year

Today, Culture and the Arts Minister, the Hon David Templeman announced   Sensorium Theatre has won the Pinnacle Award as the Western Australian Producer of the Year.

Sensorium Theatre was nominated for many things especially their unique commitment to creating amazing work for children with diverse access needs.

Sensorium Theatre is Australia’s only company making live shows specifically designed for young audiences with disabilities. Their aim is to improve the lives of children with disability by sparking their imaginations.

According to CircuitWest Executive Director Ryan Taaffe, Sensorium Theatre are truly a producer who focus on art to improve lives, reaching far beyond traditional audiences to connect with young people who might not otherwise be able to experience or participate in performance.

“With the criteria for the awards as ‘excellence’ in all its forms, Sensorium have raised the bar in why we make art, ” he said

“CircuitWest is delighted to see such a deserving producer take out this award.”

Sensorium Theatre sparks the imaginations of young people with access needs by creating custom made sensory theatre experiences. Their audiences can see, hear, smell, touch and taste the story as it unfolds around them. They were formed in 2010 and have enchanted thousands of young people with disability with the magic of live theatre

The presentation of the awards was made at WA Showcase on 11 November at the Subiaco Arts Centre.


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