About the Venue

In the grand tradition of Fringe festivals all over the world, we’re bringing a selection of cutting edge, diverse, eclectic shows from all over Australia – to you!

Featuring everything from stand up, music, improv, comedic theatre, poetry and storytelling, Fringe celebrates art forms that are slightly left-of-centre and provides a place for audiences to experience the magic, the delights to be found in the different.

The Fringe HQ will pop up somewhere in the Bunbury CBD, with venues being transformed into multi faceted performance spaces. Expect something new each night – perhaps you’ll find smoky underground club vibes, or perhaps a wonderland of colour! Surprise and delight are always on the menu at Fringe…

Our lush Fringe Garden is also always open throughout the Festival, luring in passers-by with swell sounds, the scent of cooking food, and twinkling lights. We say, come one, come all! We’ll even have a fully licensed bar in operation featuring local wines, beers and craft cocktails – there’ll be no better place to start a summer evening out on the town, trust us!

But we can’t confine Fringe to dark rooms and star lit nights – she wants to be out basking in the February sun, too! You can start your Fringe-y day with a whole host of day time activities that’ll be springing up around our pretty city.