• Shire of Tammin - Kadiininy Kep

  • Shire of Tammin - Kadiininy Kep

About the Venue

This dual-purpose amphitheatre was completed in 2005. As well as being a performance space, the large windowed building at the back of the stage houses a public information exhibition in the form of a large working model which explains the causes of salinity in the local soil.



The entire outdoor performance and audience area is surrounded by running water creating a wonderful environment for staging a concert, outdoor performance or movie. Sightlines are excellent and staging requirements have been well thought out.

Situated behind the Town Hall, this wonderful venue hosts a number of shows throughout the year.

The Amphitheatre is available to be booked for private functions including weddings.

Technical Specifications

Amphitheatre performance dimensions:
Average: 7000 wide x 5000 deep
Backdrop size 6500 wide x 3400 high

Seating Capacity


Capacity: 500

Hire Fees & Charges

Local people/organisations with liquor - $220
Local people/organisations without liquor - $110
Outside people/organisations with liquor - $440
Outside people/organisations without liquor - $330


1 Donnan Street, Tammin, Western Australia, Australia

Phone & Fax
Phone: 08 9637 0300
Fax: 08 9637 1117