What’s in store?

CircuitWest  in 2021

We all hope 2021 is 1,000,000 times better than 2020 for everyone in the arts. The CircuitWest team will continue to provide professional development, marketing, research, tour coordination, advocacy and leadership as we always have. We are completely open to new ways to support you and performing arts, so if you have new ideas, please let us know.

Here are some initiatives you should know about

Management  course

In partnership with Dr Shona Erskine CircuitWest is launching a new, unique leadership program for Established, Mid-Career and Emerging Arts Practitioners. Participants will bring their own projects or organisations to the program to work through the complex challenges and opportunities that their project or organisation present. The program will be a combination of one day workshops and one on one sessions delivered by Dr Shona Erskine and Ryan Taaffe between December 2020 and June 2021.

Listening project

Desperately Seeking Thommo

In 2021, we are going in search of our most absent ticket buyer, middle aged men in the regions.

Loads of research and taught us very little about the man we  nicknamed ‘Thommo’. All we know is that he is often absent from our databases and when we try to get him to regular research he simply says , ‘nah mate’.

The challenge is to dig deeper with the naysaying Thommo’s and understand resistance to performing arts experiences by aiming to look back at the life experience that has formed that opinion.

In 2021, working with the star of radio and stage Andrea Gibbs, we will travel to 5 regions and have some chats with some Thommo’s. It will be unlike any other research we have done in that we are seeking to find out more about how Thommo became Thommo and what life experiences formed his view on what he does in. his spare time.

The project idea is about conversations. Those conversations will be loads of fun for communities, and to ensure

The outcome would be to understand journeys that lead to people being naysaying Thommo. Do they have bad arts experiences, do they have any experiences, who has influenced their thinking, what was the school or early childhood or youth exposure to art. How does art portray itself to Thommo?

The overall idea is to build a picture of the stories of naysaying Thommo’s, who are they, and what they think. This is intended to give presenters and producers developing audiences a wider picture of their communities.

Watch this space for news of the tour early in 2021.

Local Government Leadership Advisory Group

CircuitWest is pleased to announce the formalising of its Local Government Leadership Advisory Group after the success at WA Showcase. The terms of Reference and an EOI for increasing the membership will be circulated this week.

The group will be chaired by Stephanie Addison-Brown the CEO of the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River.

The role of the Local Government Leadership Advisory Group will be to provide strategic advice and direction for CircuitWest and stakeholders on the relationship between the performing arts sector and Local Government.

The group will also act as champions and ambassadors for the performing arts in the Local Government sector. This group will have profile across the state and members will be demonstrating leadership in new and innovative ways through helping to promote the impact, both economic and social, of the performing arts.

The members will help to shape the performing arts industry and how they can assist with Local Government’s collaborations with local artists, organisations and business units.

The initial core advisory group will be made up of executive representation from Local Government along with the CEO of Local Government Professionals.

Current members include:

  • Stephanie Addison-Brown, CEO, Shire of Augusta- Margaret River (Chair)
  • Candy Choo, CEO, Local Government Professionals of WA
  • Josephine Bianchi, Director Community Services, Town of Port Hedland
  • Mark Dacombe, Acting CEO/Director, Shire of Merredin/Localise
  • Ryan Taaffe, Executive Director, CircuitWest

An EOI for additional members will be developed to increase the group to a maximum number of 8.

WA Showcase 2021

Yes that’s right we hope to be fully back in every way in 2021. All we are deciding is when is the best time of year to schedule?


Miss Westralia is good to tour as is One Punch Wonder and we have more applications that are now back in play.

If you are looking to be part of a tour application, make sure and get your interest in for pitches in WA Showcase 2020. If we don’t hear from you, you won’t be included in any funding applications.  If you can’t remember which pitches you are interested in, please contact us for a program.