Well done to the Pinnacle Award winners

The Pinnacle Awards celebrate the best in our business and recognise excellent work being done in building inclusive, thriving communities enlivened with rich cultural expression and engagement right across Western Australia.

The awards are open to any and all performing arts presenters and producers in WA. In this case ‘producer’ can apply to an individual artist or independent group, a small to medium organisation, or a major. While ‘presenter’ applies to venues in the metro or outer metro areas of Perth and regional venues throughout the State.  It could also include an organisation regularly presenting work in many venues or without a venue.

The criterion for the award is ‘Excellence’ in all its forms.  Nominations are called for from sector and then a panel of independent sector peers make the final decision from the top three nominated organisations or individuals.


Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company – This nomination was received for the organisation’s ongoing commitment to community engagement with regional Western Australia and its First Nations people. They have also been nominated for their presentation of ‘Hecate’ – Nominators said “Hecate was a triumph in long term planning, artistic rigour and authenticity. Setting the bar where it needs to be for the work for the sector”, and “Their stunning version of Hecate presented as part of the Perth Festival – completely in Noongar language was amazing. It offered a new entry into Indigenous work for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people”

Sensorium Theatre – The best way to sum up this nomination is with the words of the nominators: “They do an incredible job. Sensorium are unique in their commitment to consultation and catering to children of diverse access needs and working with sensory and participatory performance. They also have a commitment to sharing knowledge with communities and presenters and staff of other organisations. The have ensured that they share their ideas and skills with other artists to see the practice evolve and thrive.”

Libby Klysz – Libby is nominated for her outstanding efforts to support the creation of new work and open up opportunities for independent artists and companies. A long time theatre practitioner, Libby has also recently stepped into the world of producing contemporary dance by independent choreographers. This has filled a big gap in the WA sector and individual artists working in dance have been challenged to access to producers to support the presentation of their work. Despite COVID, Libby has not stopped focusing and seeing where she can provide value and support from the sidelines; working to include voices of independent artists in the conversation as the industry changes in the current climate.

Congratulations to the overall winner, Sensorium Theatre – READ MORE HERE


Albany Entertainment Centre – The Centre is in the heart of a very creative community in the Great Southern, who eagerly embrace their arts and culture offerings. Under the leadership of General Manager Drew Dymond for the past three years, Albany is celebrated through this nomination for their breadth of programming and depth of commitment to local and state artists and companies. Their drive to create new festivals and residencies and to deliver more diverse programming is contributing to an even richer cultural life for the people of Albany.

Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council – The Council received their nomination in recognition of an innovative approach to serving their widespread and remote community over many years.  Never resting on their laurels, they were among the first in WA to move beyond just presenting touring shows, and began programs building capacity in local people to engage their own creativity. Despite the many limitations of their spaces and tech, and the challenges of distance and accommodation, they continue to look for new work and new ideas that will appeal to their audiences. They always look to what the community needs rather than what will be an easy sell, and are a delight for touring producers to work with. Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council regularly goes above and beyond and is truly a community engaged organisation.

Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre – Harvey is another outstanding example of a community engaged presenter. Their foyer is regularly crowded with patrons enjoying preshow entertainment by locals and nearly every show features a partnership with a different community organisation.  Led by Centre Manager David Marshall, Harvey is one of those Presenters who always say yes to a challenge. They have grown their program more than 100% over the last few years, increased their council funding exponentially, and renovated their theatre increasing their capacity to present diverse work. Harvey engage an enormous cross section of the community through not only the performance program they present but also through engagement activity surrounding it. You always feel welcomed as a patron and as an artist. The organisation has stamped performing arts into the Harvey psyche.

Congratulations to the winner,  Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council – READ MORE HERE


The people’s pinnacle is an award for an individual or organisation that has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the West Australian performing arts sector.

A leader, a pathfinder, a critical friend; A person or organisation whose work embodies the aims of CircuitWest;  that has helped shape how we collectively improve the quality and relevance of the connection between artist and audience for communities across our State.

This year’s recipient of the People’s Pinnacle was selected by the 2019 winners of the three Pinnacle Award categories.

This years’ winner is someone who has shown great commitment to the development and delivery of touring right across the State. Someone who has been a great supporter of independent artists and who has spent years developing community presenters across the state and ensuring that even small regional communities have access to performing arts work.

This year we were delighted that Philippa Maughan  won The People’s Pinnacle – READ MORE HERE

Congratulations to all our winners – a more creative,  dedicated and skilled group of winners you will never see!