10 Reasons You Can’t Miss WA Showcase

  1. ARTS PEOPLE WE NEED TO TALK !! It’s time to gather, talk, share, plan and work together on the way forward now we can enter a space together. Don’t miss the creativity that comes with the whole sector in one place, producers, artists, presenters, service organisations and government on the same page in the same space.


  1. Do we need the planet to be healthy? Dr Christina Davies will explain the latest research that proves the direct link between health and arts participation, and maybe finally prove we are more than what happens on a stage.


  1. How should we speak to government? Live (From Melbourne) – Australia’s most famous marketer known for her work in government, Dee Madigan  will tell us the secrets and maybe show us a few election winning tricks.


  1. Pitches, pitches and more – this has been our best year yet for pitches. It was so hard to choose the final 37  but prepare to be blown away by the quality and variety  we have for you this year include the NEW PITCH FORMAT for Get Togethers. These Get Togethers will now mean small groups get to meet one-on-one with producers for closer exchange and connection.


  1. Presenters tell their stories – for the first time we have asked presenters and arts service organisations to share that great performing arts initiatives that have had major impacts on the communities harder to reach including youth, seniors, families and those living with mental health challenges.


  1. Mama Stitch – performances nightly of this storytelling experience, celebrating Mums in all their glory by Perth based performance company Whiskey and Boots. A cross section of people are interviewed, and many of these are presented as “Headphone Verbatim” . For more go to http://whiskeyboots.com.au/mama-stitch/


  1. Connecting with First Nations communities – Zac James of Yirra Yaakin fame will lead a discussion in how connecting with local First Nations people, providing a space for Black storytelling and art, facilitates greater community engagement and positive well-being.


  1. Presenting 101 – are you newish to venues or do you want to brush up on what you learnt about presenting in the 60s….This new session will take the group back to basics on presenting, the absolute essentials


  1. Spiritual Healing sessions with the multi-talented Rayma Morrison of Yirra Yaakin. The well-known and respected Elder and actor will bring some spirituality to Showcase in one on one sessions that will fill as soon as we open them for bookings.


  1. Spring in the Arts Centre – after our previous luck with weather in Autumn, imagine how perfect it will be in the gardens for connecting, creating and working on our tans.

Prices start at $55 for a day for Independent Artists, Producers and Student start at $55.

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