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We’ve got a wealth of experience, and we’re here to help!


Touring is a deeply collaborative business.

Artists, producers, presenters and tour coordinators work together – with the aid of funding bodies – to bring arts experiences to communities across the state.

It’s complex, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming – and if you’ve got a question, or want to talk about any aspect of touring, CircuitWest is here to help you.

Our team can provide advice about touring to Western Australian artists, producers and companies, including:


  • Getting ready to tour
  • Choosing a touring model
  • Building a tour budget
  • Developing an itinerary
  • Community engagement
  • Marketing & publicity
  • Funding avenues (especially Playing WA)
  • Contracts, legal and insurance
  • Tech, production & touring logistics
  • Health & wellbeing on tour
  • Feedback & debriefs


CircuitWest can also provide tour coordination services to Western Australian artists, producers and companies.

The best way for us to tour coordinate for you is for you to have pitched your show at WA Showcase.


Check out our touring resources

We have a wealth of resources about touring that you can search for here.

Some favourites of ours:

… and this video:

Check out what’s touring now

See what shows we’re currently touring or are about to tour – as well as a range of shows pitched at WA Showcase that may be ready to hit the road.


You can also book in a chat about any aspect of touring with our Tour TEAM

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