Arts asks the big questions of sport in Margaret River

 In February, comedian and ABC presenter Andrea Gibbs will be in Margaret River to ask the question of Margaret River men, what  makes sports so much better than arts?

Why would so many people rather watch a game of footy than attend an opera or play a round of golf than watch a musical?

Working with the team at Arts Margaret River and Margaret River HEART, Andrea is conducting one-on-one chats in the evenings in the centre of Margaret River with volunteer sports fanatics who, as a rule, avoid the arts at all costs (unless it’s ACDC or their kids end of year shows).

In return for anyone who volunteers their time, the research  will donate $50 to the local sporting club, school or charity of their choice.

This will be a really fun exercise for anyone who participates and it is completely confidential.

Andrea will be in the famous  Chin Wagon  caravan and sound studio from 22-24   February  parked in various locations and registration can be made through the  Facebook pages of Arts Margaret River or  Margaret River HEART  or at

Research organisation CircuitWest is reaching out to the sport fanatics of Margaret River to come in for a chat with and a yarn about what makes sport so good. It will be a good laugh and take just  half an hour.

There is only 15 time slots, so anyone interested it is advised to book soon.

The research will be used to better understand the difference between arts and sports fans and all conversations will be private and confidential.


Media Contact : Sam Lynch 0419971713