CircuitWest appoints new Executive Director

The Board of CircuitWest is delighted to announce the appointment of Sam Lynch as the organisation’s new Executive Director from 31st January 2022.

Sam Lynch joined CircuitWest in 2017 as Marketing and Audience Development Project Manager, building the skills of presenters, producers and artists in marketing and audience development across Western Australia and making a significant contribution to the growth and evolution of the organisation.

CircuitWest’s purpose is to develop and connect performing arts so that WA has the quality cultural experiences it deserves.

On announcing the appointment CircuitWest Chair Fiona de Garis said, “Sam made a compelling claim to the position during the recruitment process. Their career spans 20 years in senior and brand management in organisations like Alinta Energy, Burwood, and Alzheimer’s Australia. This, coupled with Sam’s intimate understanding of the current state of play in the performing arts across Western Australia and the strong and meaningful relationships built with individuals and organisations from Port Hedland to Esperance over the last four years, make Sam the perfect choice as our next Executive Director.”

“Sam has built outstanding relationships with CircuitWest stakeholders from Port Hedland to Esperance over the last few years and has played a big role in building so many of CircuitWest’s projects including the WA Showcase and TechWest conferences into the vital sector events they are today.”

“Sam’s appointment brings the reassurance of continuity in these continuing uncertain times, but I have no doubt this fresh vision will lead CircuitWest into toward our sector’s next frontiers. We have no doubt that Sam will continue to make sure the organisation lives up to its vision, values and continues to make a vital contribution to connecting communities to quality cultural experiences.”

“The Executive Director role at CircuitWest is a bit of a dream job for me after four years working in the arts. I can’t help but be inspired by the CircuitWest journey and its commitment to swimming upstream and being a change agent for performing arts. I am a true believer that the planet needs arts to thrive. I am looking forward to building on an already marvellous organisation and creating new opportunities and initiatives that demonstrate the incredible value of a growing sector to all Western Australians, especially those who have a stake in the growth, love and evolution of performing arts.”

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Media Contact: Fiona de Garis T: 08 9792 3111