All WA, All laughs, All-Stars. See the comedy showcase that proves west does it the best!

The WA Comedy All-stars is an exciting new showcase of Western Australia’s best comedians.

It had its premiere performance as part of WA Comedy Week in November 2022 at the Rechabite in Perth to a sold-out a crowd of 300 attendees. What sets the WA Comedy All-stars apart from other east coast OR international touring comedy showcases is that it champions the funniest comedians in our state and connects with WA audiences on a local level.

It’s not simply about coming into a regional town and making one local reference and believing that’s enough. We will have plenty of W.A. specific references throughout the show that everyone can relate to.

We handpick the best comedians from W.A. or W.A. comedians who started their careers here and have since relocated to other states or overseas. In many instances, the WA comedians may have TV, Radio or Online profiles and in other cases, they may just be really great comedians on the verge of “making it”.

But rest assured we will only put together line-ups that are either comparable or better to any of the comedy tours that have previously toured your region.

Our philosophy is that Western Australian comedians are just as good as our interstate or overseas counterparts and we will showcase this fact.

Form and Style

The WA Comedy All-stars is configured in a showcase/gala style format with a comedy MC hosting 3 comedians doing 10-15 minutes and a headline act doing 25 to 30 minutes of their best material (all killer – no filler).

The show runs for 1.5 hours with a 5-10 minute intermission in the middle. This allows the venue to generate additional bar sales and patrons to take a quick bathroom break or breather.

First half:


3 comedians


Second half:


1 Headline act

Community Engagement

The community engagement is based upon delivering a performance to these communities that has a uniquely Western Australia feel to it filled with lots of WA-specific references.

We can also ask the comedians to capture some social media content in the form of still photography and video content to profile your region and share it with their followers to increase your cultural reputation.

If it is of interest we could also discuss including a one-hour comedy workshop with one of the comedians in the touring party. It would incur an additional fee. This provides an opportunity to build direct relationships with the community and nurture the comedy skills of any locals seeking to learn the craft.

Comedians are generally very affable and more than willing to have a chat and connect with locals after the show.



“Your organization of the event was outstanding” – City of Perth

“Loved working with you and the team. Comedy Gala was fabulous” Bunbury Fringe Festival


Gold Doustie at the 23rd annual WA Comedy Awards (Outstanding contribution to WA Comedy)

Audience survey: 90.3% of attendees at WA Comedy Week surveyed rated the quality of WA Comedians as either very high or high quality

Available Marketing Collateral

We can supply you with a range of marketing assets such as:

  • social media graphics
  • poster files
  • video content
  • photography
  • media release

We can also ask comedians that are part of the performance to make custom video’s that can be shared on your social media.

If you need some additional marketing advice, producer Ronan Freeburn has a double degree in marketing and advertising. Plus has worked at 3 of Perth’s most successful advertising firms.


The producer of WA Comedy Week Allstars:

Ronan Freeburn has created some of the biggest comedy events in Western Australia such as:

  • Rottofest (Comedy and Music Festival on Rottnest Island) 2009-2015
  • Freo Royale (Fringe World hub in Fremantle) 2014-2016
  • Side Splitter Comedy Festival 2016-2018
  • Australia’s Funniest Shorts 2009-2021
  • The Crushers Comedy Gala 2020- current
  • Bunbury Fringe Comedy Gala 2021-current
  • WA Comedy Week 2022-current

WA Comedy Talent:

Only professional WA comedians with significant stage time and industry credits will be included in WA Comedy All-stars. Ronan has access to some of WA’s highest-profile comedians such as Rove McManus, Dave Callan, Janelle Koening, Peter Rowsthorn, Claire Hooper, Emo Majok, Simone Springer, Joe White, and more. Talent is subject to availability and proposed fee.


Provided we have a minimum of 6-8 weeks to promote a show, this production is nimble, flexible and ready to go.


Comedy and Magic


Comedy is a very accessible form of entertainment that appeals to both younger and older adults. If you provide us with some information about your area's demographics we can ensure that we program comedians that are best suited to your specific audience. We target fans of comedy in all its forms, people who enjoy comedy on television, movies and streaming services. People who enjoy a night out and socializing and exploring new thing. Or they are open to comedy but haven't experienced it in a live setting before


1 hour 25 minutes, with one interval

Bump In

1.5 hours

Bump Out

1 hour


Per Performance Fee: $5,497
Royalties: 15%

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Ronan Freeburn
Email: ronan@wacomedyweek.com

Company Website


Tell me more



Venue Format

Can do all of the above formats. Comedy is best staged with theatre style seating, in an enclosed venue (Hall or Theatre), with a clearly defined staged area, lighting and P.A. Raked seating is a bonus but not essential provided all attendees can clearly see the stage area and performer.

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 5

Does this show require a remount? No

First Possible Performance: After bump in is complete

Minimum Break Between Shows: 1 hour

Minimum stage dimensions: Comedians require a raised stage so that they can be easily seen by the audience and so the comedian can maintain the audiences attention at all times. For small events, we recommend a minimum stage size of 3m x 2m x 600mm and at least 5m x 4m for larger events of 300+ guests. There should also be no more than a couple of metres from the stage to the first row of chairs.

Staging and Set Description:If you have a projector screen that is part of the stage area – we could use it to project our WA Comedy All-stars branding on to it. Additionally we can also print 2 x pull up banners to help decorate the stage area.

Lighting requirements: Stage wash that illuminates comedians on stage with the rest of the venue darkened during the performance. Coloured LED bars or LED parn cans to add atmosphere are a bonus.

Audio requirements: P.A. system to adequately cover the size of the performance space, 2 x microphones (wired or wireless), basic mixer. We like to play brief audio stings as each new comedian is brought to stage (we can supply this). If we have a musical comedian on the line-up we will require a DI.

Other technical notes:Mic stand. Data projector is a bonus for adding our logo behind performers on stage but not essential. Adequate seating for guests (single chairs).