CircuitWest New Professional Development


  • Free for presenters, producers and artists
  • Available by phone, zoom meeting or online
  • Flexible training times range from one hour to one day

While there are restrictions on venues and activities in light of COVID-19, it may be the time to brush up your skills in areas like programming, pitching and setting up fundraising.

For presenters, why not work on all those plans you don’t have time for in an operational month in areas like grant writing.

For producers and artists, is it time to learn to supercharge your pitch or hear what presenters want from you when you contact them about your work?

You don’t need to be a member and topics include:

For everyone

  • Grant Writing
  • Community Engagement
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • On The Road: A handy guide to all things touring
  • Budgeting

For presenters

  • Strategic / Business Planning
  • Setting up Fundraising
  • Growing Your Email Data to Improve Your Ticket Sales
  • Review Your Tech Specs
  • Zooming Into The Future – A series of 1-off catch-ups on topics of interest by zoom meeting
  • Programming Planning
  • Marketing Plan
  • Mentor / Support Program
  • How Good Is Your Brand?
  • Meet the Neighbours
  • Diversity and Inclusion Planning
  • Sourcing Touring Work
  • Human Resources


For artists and producers

  • Supercharge Your Pitching
  • Festivals – The Hidden Presenter
  • Budgeting for Producers and Artists
  • What presenters (venues) want?

The full training list is attached to the top right along with how to apply. If you have any questions contact Sam on