Lotterywest Community Theatre Manual

Management Skills For Theatres

Thanks to Lotterywest, CircuitWest introduces the Community Theatre Manual. This manual will help you plan for your theatre’s future and teach new volunteers and committee members important skills.

The topics covered are those requested by community theatres involved in the Lotterywest Strengthening the Sector project.

We hope this manual helps you in your delivery of community theatre as you are essential to the well being of Western Australians.



The manual covers these areas

  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical Skills
  • Marketing Audience Development
  • Programming
  • Grant writing
  • Community engagement
  • Connecting with Local Government

Please remember that many of these topics are not ‘absolute’ and there are many ways you can achieve the outcomes you seek.

However, all of the sections are written by people who have great experience in the topic. The chapters are the result of many hundreds of hours of hands on theatre practice.

DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL HERE Lotterywest- Community Theatre Manual

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