WA Introduces the Performing Arts Pinnacle Awards

Today CircuitWest introduced new Western Australian performing arts awards – The Western Australian Presenter of the Year and The Western Australian Producer of the Year.

These awards will be known as The Pinnacle Awards.

According to Executive Director Ryan Taaffe there is widespread support for WA specific performing arts industry gongs, especially as so many high quality but small presenters and producers do not get involved in national or international awards.

“The criteria for the awards is ‘excellence’ in all its forms,“ he said.
The Pinnacle awards are open to any and all performing arts presenters and producers.

Producers can apply as a major, a small to medium organisation or independent group or artist.

Presenters awards apply to venues in the metropolitan or outer metropolitan areas of Perth and regional venues throughout Western Australia. It could also include an organisation regularly presenting work in multiple venues or without a venue.

CircuitWest looking for three nominations from as many producers and presenters across the WA sector to shortlist presenters and producers. The top four nominations in each categorey will be shortlisted for a voting process at the WA Showcase event in May 2019 and the presentation of the The Pinnacle Awards will be made at the event.

Producers are asked to list three presenters for nomination and explain the reason for the nomination.

Presenters are asked to list three producers for nomination and explain the reason for the nomination.

Nominations can be based on anything nominators feel meets this criteria be it through a tour they have taken, or a partnership or collboration or a venue they have been to on a tour. It can even be based on overall knowledge of that nominee and their role in the sector notrelated to a tour..

CircuitWest believes that the awards will be competitive and that they add a new significance to the work that is done in the performing arts sector them. It has asked for one set of nominations per organisation by 1 April.

You can go to the awards art https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ThePinnacleAwards.