Getting Engaged – Harvey Shows The Way On Community Engagement

When David Marshall and his Cultural Centre Crew booked the acclaimed work 52 Hertz to play the Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre (HRCC) part of the motivation was to help people in their town through some of their own challenges. The play by Terence Smith deals with the theme of disconnection amongst young people in… More

Changing of the guard in Port Hedland

This month we heard the sad news that one of the favourites in the family is moving on from running the Matt Dann Theatre in Port Hedland. Brad Holder , who developed a reputation for showing that no show was too good for Port Hedland audiences, ends a 16 year affair with the theatre next… More

In Search of Audiences

New resource challenges myths on absent markets   I would like you to close your eyes and picture a dark room, it’s quite cold there and the seats are uncomfortable. It’s full of strangers who are the same age as your great grandmother and speak a totally different language you don’t quite understand. You want… More

How To Find Your “Lost’ Customers

How MANPAC Re-Found 10,000 subscribers In late 2018,  MANPAC  believed  it could only contact  13% of its huge database. Research the same year showed email was the favourite ticketing buying channel for customers. This was a significant problem. The database, 30,000 records strong built with an ENTA platform, has been in operation since 2016 and… More

WA Showcase 2019 Program

See the full detail on all the great producer pitches from 2019 Showcase. Search on the producer or show name to find the pitch you are seeking. Pitches include marketing information, show details, technical specifications and budgets. Click to the below  to download the full program CircuitWest – Showcase WA Booklet-17.9MB

How The Goldfields Found Their Audience

In 2018, the GoldFields Arts Centre ran an audience development project to grow their markets  and find out more about what their population wanted from the centre. This was the presentation they made at A Showcase 2019 on what they did, and what they discovered (Provided thanks to the team at the Goldfields Arts Centre)… More

After the Showcase Pitching Is Over

WA Showcase is a highlight of the WA Performing Arts calendar as the event where WA producers of performing arts get the opportunity to show their work and look for opportunities to take it to new levels and new places. CircuitWest exists to grow and generate arts experiences that connect, enrich and enliven people and… More

A producer worth watching

Beyond The Yard – 52 Hertz …After a great 2018 FringeWorld season, fledgling producer Beyond The Yard will tour the acclaimed 52 Hertz this August starting at the Subiaco Arts Centre before heading south to Harvey and Ravensthorpe. This is a review on the show really worth reading CircuitWest has seen this producer pitch… More