Daggers In The Heart of Blokey Blokes

A study on why men in regional areas reject funded performing arts (September 2021)


“What Thommo Said About Us”





The profile of the target research subjects was built on intelligence from regional presenters; (characterised as ‘Thommo’) most likely to be working-class male, agricultural or trades employed, with a high propensity towards club sport.

What we found was greatly worrying. Males without performing arts in their teen years seem likely to reject it for the rest of their lives, often with the view that is it elitist and/or boring.

Sadly, the opportunities for teens to experience arts seem to be shrinking and the cohort of “Thommo’s” growing. During the study the research team could find almost no experiences for teen audiences from funded performing arts  across WA which likely means this segment will continue to grow.

But don’t listen to to us, let Thommo tell you about his life without performing arts (listen below)

Read the executive summary here: Thommo research exec summary

Read the full report here: Final Report desperately seeking thommo