The frequencies at the middle of the audible audio frequency spectrum.

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See Foldback

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Mixer (Sound Desk)

Sound control desk, used to mix and adjust levels of sounds from various sources. Also known as a mixing desk or mixing console.

Sound Desk

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Crew person responsible for the operation of stage machinery and other related tasks.

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Mains Power

240 volt AC power standard available in all buildings wired to the power generation grid in Australia.

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A light that has motors and other equipment attached that allow such things as movement and colour selection to be controlled remotely. Now becoming a major force in lighting design for all types of events because it can both dramatically reduce the number of conventional lanterns needed, and produce visually very exciting effects.

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Masking (Masking Piece)

A curtain or piece of scenery, not necessarily painted, used to cut off from the view of the audience any part of the stage space which should not be seen.

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To hide any equipment or offstage area through the use of curtains, flats, etc.

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