Hazard Tape (Danger Tape)

Strips of striped gaff tape (normally black and yellow) that is used to bring attention to a potential hazzard especially in low light conditions. Commonly used on steps and protruding tripod legs etc.

White gaff tape is also commonly used to draw attention to potential hazards.


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Truss Pins

Truss pins used for bolt truss are simply short aluminium tubes which help align and strengthen truss joins.

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Truck (Wagon)

A low platform with wheels or castors on which a piece of scenery can be moved.

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Tri Nut

The bolt that tightens a G-Clamp to a bar. Often called Tri Nut because many have a triangular plastic grip.

Tri Nut

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Highs (Top End)

The highest part of the audible audio frequency spectrum.

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A metal frame used to hang lanterns from. Comes in three main designs – flat, box, and tri – which describe the shape created by the frame. By virtue of their construction trusses are very strong and able to carry extremely heavy loads. Most truss is now made of aluminium for weight reasons and sections can be bolted together to produce long pieces. Used extensively in concert production to form the ‘roof’ over the stage from which to hang everything from lanterns to speakers.

Tri Truss (it is named is derived from its triangular shape)

Box Truss (truss with a square shape)

Circular Box Truss


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To adjust flown scenery so the bottom is level with the floor.

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A rigging stand that sits on the floor that can lift a bar of lights up to a certain height. Also known as ‘winch ups’ due to the fact the stand is usually telescoped up by operating a hand winch attached to the side of the tree.

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