Wieland Headers

Same as Soco Headers but with a multi-poled Wieland connector.

Tags: Lighting


Wieland is actually a brand name, but it refers to the multi-pole connecter used for both motor cables and multi-cored power cables.

Tags: Lighting

Truck (Wagon)

A low platform with wheels or castors on which a piece of scenery can be moved.

Tags: Stage


Wash lighting. Stage lighting focused on stage not in a specific spot, but more as a general lighting over an area. Several areas may be combined and balanced to effect an even light over the whole acting area.

Tags: Lighting


General name for the costume department, its staff, and the accommodation they occupy.

Tags: Stage, Theatre

Work Lights

Lights used for general illumination of the stage when not in performance.

Tags: Lighting, Stage

Wingset (Backcloth and wing set)

Setting comprising backcloth (or cyclorama) and pairs of wings (legs) with borders above. Sometimes cut cloths are used in the place of wings and borders (e.g. a woodland scene).

Tags: Stage


Offstage spaces to left and right of the acting area.

Tags: Stage