Justin Freind


Justin began his careet at the age of 7 in a production with the Bridgetown Repertory Club and has been performing ever since.
Having trained at the Western Australian Conservatorium of Music, he has a Certificate in Classical Music, a Diploma of Performing Arts and a Bachelor of Music (Performance).  He has performed as a soloist with numerous companies including West Australian Opera and West Australian Symphony Orchestra. He has worked as a musical director/conductor on nearly 20 community and Pro-am productions.Justin is one of Australia’s leading G&S performers having been involved in over 25 G&S productions in Perth, New Zealand and the UK.
In 2017 he was awarded the Robert Finley Award for Best Actor in a Musical and was inducted into the Independent Theatre Association Hall of Fame for his contribution to community theatre.  Justin, along with this wife Katherine, are very passionate about the training that young performers get in Musical Theatre and theatre in general.
Justin is the current manager of the Cummins Theatre in Merredin.