A delightful, ‘can-do’, fun-filled experience for the whole family to enjoy!



Story: Olivia is awkward, shy and a little lonely, in fact…she freezes in any spotlight! She is new, she wants to make friends, and most of all she wants to be able to catch a ball!! Can our plucky heroine outwit WHACK the Ball monster who threatens to bounce her into the side lines? Watch and cheer on as Olivia turns her world into a game she can play!

Form and Style: Circus, Theatre & Puppetry meet in this high energy, playful and imaginative take on our love of sport and all things sporty. Our cast jump, roll, bounce and throw as they learn to ‘look before they leap’ while ‘having a ball’!! CATCH! is all about making friends and becoming a team. CATCH! is an action-packed, interactive adventure for little ones, their families & their friends…that uses balls and play to tell a story about making friends and overcoming your fears.

Company: http://www.circusmaxima.com/

Contact: Sally Richardson steamworks@iinet.net.au
CircuitWest Tour Contact: Rebecca tourcoordinator@circuitwest.com.au

Duration of performance: 50 mins

Interval: No

Maximum performances a week: 8 - 10

Remount: TBC

Weekly Fee: $10,000

Royalties: 6%

Date the performance is available from: October 2019

No. people in Touring Party: 5 + Director (not all venues)

Bump-in Time: 4 Bump-out Time: 2

First Possible Performance: Same day

Minimum Break Between Shows: one hour

Theatre formats: Black Box

Minimum Stage Width: 10 - 12m

Minimum Stage Depth: 8-9m

Minimum Stage Height: 5m

Minimum Wing Space: 1-2m

Set Description:
Various props/Objects/circus apparatus plus taping on floor (*blacks/masking either side of stage (not essential))

Lighting - provided by company:
Design by company (sent in advance)

Lighting Requirements - to be provided by venue: Standard lighting rig

Audio - provided by company: Laptop - Q lab

Audio Requirements - to be provided by venue: Sound system required

No. of additional lighting staff required from venue: 1
No. of additional sound staff required from venue: 0
No. of multi-taskers from venue: 0
Dressing rooms required: 1
Other technical or performance notes: Wooden floor required
Marketing Collateral:
Poster/flyer, artwork promotional photography, sample media release, video trailer

Community Engagement:
Range of Workshop packages (developed by team in consultation with local schools) Curriculum links: Focus Years K-2 Learning areas: Health and Physical education, The Arts General capabilities: Critical and Creative thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding Post show 'play' activities (developed, structured & delivered by cast


The work is of exceptional quality and it has an energy that I seldom encounter in other shows. Catch! playfully asks big questions and encourages children to be curious, creative and kind. Moreover, it invites and empowers other family members and teachers to creatively engage with children, thus promising enduring and sustained positive impacts long after the curtain comes down. This particular quality in a show is rare and precious to those of us who curate programs for young audiences.

Jenny Simpson CEO/Artistic Director – AWESOME Festival

Directed By

Sally Richardson


Circus/Visual Theatre/children & family

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