Cirque Nouvelle

Touring regional WA in 2023 this internationally acclaimed all-star cast have collaborated to present a truly unique and versatile production.

Cameo Rascale Entertainment presents ‘Cirque Nouvelle’ – a new evolution of circus. Touring regional WA in 2023 and successfully selling out shows, this internationally acclaimed all-star cast have collaborated to present a truly unique and versatile production. This multitalented line up of circus performers, each world class in their own right, have combined their acrobatic, juggling, aerial, contortion and cyr wheel talents together to create a show like no other. This outstanding cast are led by a quirky ringmaster struggling with a fear common among us all… change. Cirque Nouvelle explores the elemental theme of old versus new and how circus has changed over the years from the classic ‘Big Top’ featuring performing animals to the now modern day circus’ headlining in state of the art theatres around the world with extravagant technology, lighting and costuming. It is with great honour we invite you to embark on this heart-warming journey which is sure to thrill, captivate and amaze the whole family.

Form and Style

Cirque Nouvelle is presented as a circus variety show. It is a professional production that has been created to perform specifically in theatres that have access to aerial rigging points, fly bars and opportunity for lighting design. These elements are integral for the vision of achieving a modern day circus in a theatre combining world class performers, new technology and a quirky ring master which acts as the glue to bring everything together to deliver one entertaining and memorable show.

When creating the show, the producer’s aim is to create a universal appeal to an audience of all ages. The show has been designed to run seamlessly with fluid transitions between each artists individual acts. Each artist has been hired due to their level of professionalism, talent and ability to deliver a world class performance, showing audiences skills they may not have seen before. The variety of skill in one show is something that Cirque Nouvelle is proud to present and was a highlighted point of feedback from the debuted shows in March 2023. The show runs for 75 mins with no interval and guarantees to keep audiences entertained from beginning to end. Cirque Nouvelle aims to be set apart from other shows with its slick professionalism of acts, high energy and charismatic feel that targets the whole family. Cirque Nouvelle is not just a good display of talent, it has a message behind it that seeks to educate audiences all around the globe.

Community Engagement

Cirque Nouvelle can deepen the connection of their performance to the audience through circus workshops in schools, local dance schools and recreational centres. The target audience would be children from 6 – 18 years old, working with anyone willing to try something new and develop

different skills.

The workshop run time goes for 60 minutes, allowing up to groups of 40 people. The reason groups will be capped at this amount is due to amount of equipment available and allowing the cast members to have enough quality time with each of the students.


“Cameo Rascale wows Mandurah audience with ‘Cirque Nouvelle'”

Samantha Ferguson – Mandurah Mail.

Available Marketing Collaterals

Professional Posters, flyers, promotional videos, promotional photos, social media for facebook, instagram and youtube.


Rebecca and James Capener (known as Cameo Rascale) – producers of Cirque Nouvelle:

Cameo Rascale are an internationally acclaimed circus variety act, dazzling audiences across the globe. This dynamic husband and wife duo are known for their vast skill set including high-energy acrobatics and world-class juggling acts.

James Capener developed his love for circus from the age of 5, performing alongside his family. James’ parents established Cameo Rascale as an adagio act, soon after, James and his sister joined their parents on stage and the Capener’s became a world-renowned family acrobatic act. You might have seen them as Grand Finalists in Australia’s Got Talent in 2009.

After a decade long career performing as a family, James decided to continue the legacy of Cameo Rascale taking this global act into the next generation of audiences alongside his talented wife Rebecca.

Rebecca Capener is a passionate and highly skilled dancer and performer, always eager to deliver a high energy and entertaining performance.

Cameo Rascale is the perfect partnership and have been for 8 years now, continuously amazing audiences with headliner shows on cruise ships and entertaining at resorts in the UK and Europe.

With over 20 years of combined experience and knowledge within the performance industry, James and Rebecca have always dreamed of producing their own circus variety show.





April 2024


Circus and Physical Theatre


Ideal for families aged 4+. Anyone who loves circus, family friendly entertainment.


75 mins

Bump In

5 hours

Bump Out

2 hours


Weekly Fee: $25,000.00 (based on a 4 show week) + GST
Royalties: There are no royalties for this production.

Company Contacts

Contact Name: James Capener

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Venue Format


Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 4

Does this show require a remount? No

First Possible Performance: 1.5 hours after bump in and tech complete

Minimum Break Between Shows: 1 hour

Minimum stage dimensions: 8m W x 7m D

Staging and Set Description:

2x2m stage riser, 3x3m arch way (hanging), 8x1m marquee light letters

(hanging), 8x floor mounted LED light bars.

Lighting requirements:

Front lights, basic coloured stage wash

Audio requirements:  

2x channels for XLR jack and 1x AUX cord

Other technical or performance notes: 

Fly cues, sound/lighting cues and cast running order available.