Handel by Candle

Experience the genius of Handel by candlelight in a rare performance by Perth Symphony that will transport you to a world of beauty in an immersive, and totally engaging way!

In a rare treat for towns in regional WA, your hall will be transformed into a magical space, filled with flickering candles and the inspiring music of Handel performed by Perth Symphony Orchestra.

Be transported to another world, with rich and complex melodies, woven together to create a tapestry of sound that is intricate and sublime. Listen in awe to a concert which is a genuine testament to the genius of Handel’s music, pieced together with text, interesting anecdotes about the composer’s life and a reminder that true beauty and artistry can enrich our lives and be found in the most unlikely of places.

Join in or celebrate members of your community who will perform alongside the orchestra in a unique opportunity for collaboration with professional musicians.

Know that you will leave the performance with a newfound appreciation for the power and beauty of classical music and the joy of a shared experience with members of your community.

Form and Style

Set on a stage glowing with candles, Perth Symphony will transport regional audiences to a world of elegance, intimacy, passion and beauty, with the glorious music of Handel performed in an engaging and immersive format.

Perth Symphony will support the community in advance, helping them to prepare a select choral work, for the chance to sing with the orchestra and be celebrated in front of their peers. This unique offering, an opportunity for local choirs to be involved in the actual performance, will ensure building excitement in advance and cherished memories long after the event.

As the orchestra known for breaking the rules, Perth Symphony will thread the 80 minute show together in a theatrical presentation, including charming stories about Handel’s life and music, interaction with the audience and breathtaking instrumental solos alongside the famous tunes everyone knows and wants to hear.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is an integral part of this production, requiring a local choir and or local school choir to participate in the show. Perth Symphony will send the music and backing tracks in advance and then run an intensive choral workshop on the day of or day prior to the performance.

Perth Symphony are also able to offer 1 to 2 accessible community engagement opportunities per location with up to four instrumentalists and can include any of the following options:

  • Street performance – a pop-up performance at a local market/hub for the broader community to enjoy.
  • School incursions – get to know the musicians and their instruments.
  • Q and A’s at schools or after the performances
  • Specialised education workshops (i.e. composers workshop, conductors’ workshop, vocal workshop, writing hip-hop/rap music etc … based on the members of the orchestra)

“lt wasn’t just a concert, it was an experience” – Laura Niemmi, CUT COMMON MAGAZINE

“A very special evening. The narrations and vocals made it come alive” – Patron, Mozart by Candlelight 2019

Available Marketing Collateral
  • Editable poster/flyer
  • Digital Assets – banner, images etc.
  • Promotional video
  • Artist Bios
  • Set List
  • Blurb

Perth Symphony was founded in 2011, and is known as the orchestra that breaks the rules. With over 220 musicians regularly employed by us, we are creating a home for WA talent.

We play in places and spaces you’d never expect to find an orchestra, from sheds to warehouses, foyers to art deco cinemas, and aeroplane hangars!

We perform music from Mozart to Metallica, Björk to Beethoven and everything in between.

Our mission is simply ‘Music for Everyone’.

By taking the orchestra out of the concert hall and into communities across Western Australia, we are proud to have performed to over 500,000 people so far.

We are unique amongst orchestras and believe that music has the ability to move and inspire people from all cultures and walks of life. We challenge traditions and create powerful, compelling performances.

Perth Symphony creates and produces groundbreaking concerts, such as the critically acclaimed Reimagined series: ‘UNPLUGGED: Nirvana

Reimagined’, ‘Faith & Freedom: The music of George Michael’, and the ‘Nothing Compares: The Music of Prince’ performed at HBF Stadium, that had the audience dancing in the aisles.

We bring orchestral music to people who wouldn’t ordinarily hear it and experience it in ways they couldn’t possibly imagine.


From March 2024


Contemporary Music


Any community members who love music, from school age through to pensioners


80 Minutes

Bump In

1 Hour

Bump Out

1 Hour


Weekly Fee: $33,000.00
Royalties: There are no royalties with this project.

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Fiona Campbell
Email: fiona@perthsymphony.com

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Venue Format

Proscenium Arch, Black Box, Indoor venues with stage, lighting and audio available.

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 3

Does this show require a remount? Yes

First Possible Performance: 2 Hours after Bump-in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 3 Hours

Minimum stage dimensions:

Minimum Stage Width: 8 metres
Minimum Stage Depth: 5 metres
Minimum Stage Height: 5 metres

Staging and Set Description:Standard ensemble setting with ambient theatre lighting, music stands, keyboard and a stage filled with LED candles (touring company supplied).

Lighting requirements: 1 Local Technician (Audio and Lighting) required per venue, standard theatre lighting.

Audio requirements: 1 Local Technician (Audio and Lighting) required per venue, standard theatre PA.