Dinosaur Stomp

Dinosaur Stomp! Earth shattering, bone rattling, teeth chattering dinosaurs of Broome. They will delight and terrify. You will love them!

The dinosaurs are puppets that represent the two main types of dinosaur that roamed the country around where Broome is now situated, namely the Sauropods and Therapods.

Each dinosaur is fitted with its own blue tooth sound system, and the prerecorded sound track of their voices that is played for each dinosaur, as controlled by a minder. This makes it sound like the creature is actually interacting with its human admirer.

While the theropods will confront people (in a good way), search their handbags and steal their hats, as carnivores they are always hungry. The giant Sauropod, a herbivore, looks for cuddles and reassurance. She is only a baby ( only 5 metres long!) possibly the last one left in the world, who has lost her mother.

The theropods are slightly smaller. 2 are skeletons and one has skin. They are the ancestors of your pet chooks and other birds!

Form and Style

These are roving puppets suitable for street parades and festivals. They are lively, cheeky and interactive.

There are 4 puppets in total. Three therapods and one sauropod. The theropods have one puppeteer and minder each and can move quickly and the sauropod who has three puppeteers and a minder moves slowly. We can negotiate different combinations of the puppets if the cost of having them all at an event is prohibitive. But they are much better all together.

The dinosaurs will provide opportunities for the community to engage with the festival and events on many different levels. While introducing a whole new audience to the joy of puppets.

Community Engagement

To make it cost effective we will train local, able people to operate the puppets wherever the dinosaurs go.

We will train people to build their strength and find fun ways to perform the puppets to enable them to operate the puppets in local street parades during festivals and community events. The puppets engage with audience who express delight and fear at their presence. Some of the puppets are particularly good at accepting food or stealing popcorn!


“They’re bloody wonderful!” Audience member

“They are the best dinosaur puppets I have ever seen! They are so lively and fun!” Audience member

Available Marketing Collaterals

We have a series of high quality professional photos available for use in the creation of flyers and advertising,

Chris Hill who made the theropod puppets, is an experienced designer of advertising flyers, banners and posters who can develop such things if needed.


Chris Hill and Gwen Knox have worked in the community as puppeteers for many years. Chris is also an outstanding sets and props designer and builder. Gwen has presented many community based and professional works for over 30 years. The puppets are the result of two years of development


November 2022


Participatory and Immersive


All ages, general community


Up to 30 minutes 4 times per day

Bump In

30 minutes

Bump Out

30 minutes


See attached document

Company Contacts

Gwen Knox
0408 904 972

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Fees For Dinosaurs


Venue Format

Roving street performance

Touring Party

2 people. If we can rely on recruting and training local puppet manipulators at the location of each performance. If they are not available we will require nine people


Maximum performances a week: 12

Does this show require a remount? No

First Possible Performance: Straight away

Minimum Break Between Shows: 30 minutes to an hour depending on the number of shows requested each day

Minimum stage dimensions: N/A

Staging and Set Description: N/A

Lighting requirements: N/A

Audio requirements: N/A

Other technical or performance notes: The puppets need resonable light in which to perform such as during the daylight hours or in brightly lit places at night time