"eaters" is a lively participatory quiz night that seeks some common ground for the future of food. We're ready to cook up a storm.

Under the cunning guise of a pub quiz, join pvi collective for a rowdy hour of ‘eatertainment’, where we ask:

  • Do you know where your food comes from?
  • What’s actually in your plant based burger?
  • Who has the farmers’ backs?
  • Will science prevail or will old knowledge lead the way?

We’re ready to cook up a storm.

eaters is a lively participatory quiz night hosted by pvi collective that seeks some common ground for the future of food. From the people who grow it, to the ones that consume it, along with the powers that control its production and future survival, we all have skin in the game.

eaters draws input from farmers working on the front lines, with first nations experts, climatologists, geneticists, conservationists, technologists and the world of agri-business to question if a change of diet can ensure the future of the planet.

Through an artfully mashed up quiz night, pvi will playfully sow the seeds of personal responsibility vs political will in order to flesh out a way forward. eaters elevates the traditional pen and paper pub quiz to an interactive game show with the host announcing questions, previewed on screen and scored live using the speedquizzing app.

Small teams or individuals use the speedquizzing app as their virtual remote to answer all the agri-trivia.

As teams accrue points and map out their future food journeys, the ultimate aim of the game is not to win, but to plant a seed for change to go home with.

Form and Style

The performance takes on the format of a pub quiz (and can be presented in a pub venue as long as certain basic technical requirements can be met.

In a venue, we aim for the following: No stage.

Audience are seated in teams of 4 at round tables as per pub venue. Large screen (series of screens if eyeline requires it) visible to all audience members.

The “eaters” host guides the audience through the setting up of a pub quiz app with one device per team. At times, we break out of the traditional format with a scavenger hunt, Masterchef native food toastie challenge and finish with the auctioning off of points for various prized related to the quiz itself.

Community Engagement

Workshop – writers/artists

pvi have developed a devised research workshop that can be presented in conjunction with the performance.

Drawing on food or farming related information and issues in the specific town/region, this workshop will invite participants to devise a round of quiz questions

This session will include an overview of pvi’s approach to the creation of socially engaged participatory performance works. Interrogating the issues relevant to the town, participants will playfully tease out ways to include the questions in the rounds.

This model aims to support the skills development and networks of artists living regionally. We’re also excited by the opportunity to engage with genuine local content.


There is an opportunity for production interns to join the tour for a tech run and rehearsal in addition to the performances.


“It’s a fantastic piece… an impactful piece which deserves as large an audience as possible.” – Katherine Connor, Executive Director, PAC Australia

“The work is brilliant, and … as always pvi is absolutely on point with “eaters”. Use of tech so good. Such a clever way to subvert ‘the ole pub quiz’.  Additionally a simple and effective way to get the serious facts out. The feeling of cheering people on about correct/ quickest answers followed by deeper/ extended facts about the question is super effective. That internal struggle between what comes naturally to some of cheering each other on, the competitiveness of others who just want to win at any cost and the casual nature of it all, certainly mixes up a lot of emotions and has led to a lot of reflection. Very effective.” – Ofa Fotu, Festivals Officer, Creative Producer, City of Fremantle

“Wanted to say a belated thanks for the invitation and experience of “eaters”. I had fun, felt feelings, and got a plant.

“I thought there was a very effective tension-heightening in the combination of the meditation and a video afterwards, the ironic hilarity of the meditation with its uncomfortable truths was beautifully balanced and affecting, and combined with the next bit, it changed the space I was in dramatically, it felt as if the work was doing to me what it meant to do, squeezing me and indelibly changing me; the air in the room became still and heavy in quite a potent way.” – Karen Lee, artist, AU

Available Marketing Collaterals

Marketing collateral currently in existence/in development:

  • Selection of high concept hero images
  • Selection of mid show images
  • “eaters” promo videos
  • “eaters” promotional design for posters, postcards.
    tag line, synopsis and show outline

Founded in 1998 and based on Whadjuck Noongar Boodja, Western Australia, pvi collective is a tactical media art group who create participatory artworks intent on the creative disruption of everyday life.

Chief Executive Artist/tech: Steve Bull

Steve Bull has toured extensively over the last 23 years. He also heads up the company’s work with technology and has integrated the software “speedquizzing” into the eaters format. He will oversee the creative delivery of the work, and set up and run the technical delivery of the show.

Steve has a background as a university lecturer, and has delivered a number of workshops and masterclasses through pvi. He also will deliver the workshop for local artists on devised research forming the basis of quiz questions.

Executive Producer: Kate Neylon

pvi executive producer, Kate Neylon, oversees all tour planning, engaging experienced production managers where necessary. She has over 20 years experience in event and production management, film production, theatre creation and touring.

pvi collective have toured widely locally, regionally, nationally and internationally over the last 23 years. We have undertaken residencies or toured to New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Glasgow, India, Jogjakarta, Chile, South Africa, India and Singapore.


From October 2022


Participatory and Immersive


The audience is likely mainly 25years old plus, without gender skew, enticing to those drawn in by climate change/sustainability interest and/or interest in contemporary performance. We confident that even those expecting a pub quiz will have fun!


90 mins

Bump In

Bump in plus rehearsal - 4 hours (assumes tech, audio and lights in place and tech support)

Bump Out

1 hour


Remount Cost: Minimal
Weekly Fee:Season specific
Royalties: N/A

Company Contacts

Kate Neylon
0417 620 022

Tell me more


Venue Format

Black box, actual pub, theatre space where tiered seating can be replaced by series of small tables.

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 5

Does this show require a remount? Yes

First Possible Performance: Same day

Minimum Break Between Shows: 2 hours

Minimum stage dimensions:

Staging and Set Description: Capacity of 200 audience members in teams of 4 are seated at small round
tables throughout the space. Leans into the pub quiz format. Need a large screen or series of small screens depending on eye lines. We are able to accommodate different set ups – please chat with us.

Lighting requirements: Minimal

Audio requirements: Madonna mic for host, sound from video, music tracks

Other technical or performance notes: 1 tech