Elliot’s Big Nose And The Snot That It Grows

Boogers, puppets, and one big adventure - this show is snot to be missed!

The booger flings out in rapid locomotion, but what happens next is in slow motion. From her nose, which now is sweaty, a string of snot stretches, long like spaghetti. It spans two metres, almost three, creating a zipline from her nose to the tree.

When Elliot – a shy and bookish eight year old – discovers that she can grow metre-long snot from her nose and wield it like a fifth appendage, she learns to use her newfound powers to solve playground problems and make new friends. This story, told by a chorus of characters, a swelling soundtrack and entirely in rhyme, promises a magical journey of image-based theatre and puppetry.

Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot That It Grows is an award-winning play for children who love all things gross. Written under mentorship from Barking Gecko and the Australian Theatre for Young People’s Fresh Ink program, this play will have both children and adults squirming in their seats. Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot That It Grows is a mash between a superhero origin story and a children’s picture book, with a message to love your strengths despite your insecurities.


“This charming, yet gross, children’s play is perfect for assisting in navigating the schoolyard, eliciting empathy, and fosters a passion for learning.” – Review by Laura Money, Fourth Wall Media

“Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot that it Grows is both gross and gorgeous, a little treasure of a show for kids . . . A wonderful blend of puppetry and live action, it keeps its young audience engaged and giggling throughout.” – Review by Kimberly Shaw, Stage Whispers

“Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot That it Grows is as ridiculous as the name would suggest, and I can guarantee you will have fun.” – Review by Kobi Morrison, Seesaw Magazine.

“Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot that it Grows contains a heavy viral load of snot scarves, booger lassos, and educational fun facts. It is funny, gross, and original, with strong performances, a satisfying script, and impressive poetic puppetry.” – Review by Nancy Nott, Fringefeed.

“Super fun, silly and imaginative – for kids and adults – this show was all the best things children’s theatre can be. Well done!” – Audience Member Testimonial via Fringeworld.

“The audience- both young and old were captivated by the fun and creativity of this gorgeously gross and amazing production. Really enjoyed it and would like to see it again.” – Audience Member Testimonial via Fringeworld.


From late 2023


Children and Families


Children (all genders), primary school aged (5 - 10) - as well as parents, carers & family members.


45 mins


Weekly Cost: $9,500 + GST
Royalties: 13%

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