Opera in…..

Experience songs of hope, humour, passion and wonder as we take you on a journey that explores the human voice and heart

WAO events reflect diversity in the community.

Opera is universal artform that tells stories that transcend cultural barriers. We present work in different languages and cultures to connect us with stories that are uniquely human.

Opera in (insert your location/community) is a night of pure enjoyment that sees people of all ages come together for an evening of music. From Opera’s greatest hits to smash hit musicals to Bon Jovi mash ups to Noongar stories, we have curated the performance with you to ensure that your community has a magical cultural experience.

Form and Style

We will work with each venue/community to curate a performance especially for you. The scope of our Opera in (insert town/community here) can be very basic from 2 singers and a piano to a full chorus and small band. The majority of our concert style performances feature 4 x principal singers and a piano/guitar.

We like to engage with our audiences and have presented this style of concert in a theatre format, cabaret style and outdoors

We have the ability to curate performances especially for you as we do not have artists on full time contracts as a result we have the ability to be flexible and agile in which artists are contracted for each concert. Our support team – Marketing, Administration, Production are full time and consequently we are able to execute each performance smoothly and enjoy presenting in various locations throughout the state. We have a regular crew of technical staff that have the capacity to drive trucks, bump in/out as required.

Community Engagement

We will work with you and your budget to create a community engagement program. Popular choices include:

  • Workshops in schools
  • Adult Singing workshops
  • Meet and Greet with the cast following the performance
  • 10-12 week performance program that sees young people in your community perform on stage with our artists

“What a superb event. Thank you so much for organising this. We had one of the best days of our lives. Snorkeling with sealions in the morning, magical opera under the stars at the haunting Pinnacles in the evening.” OPERA IN THE PINNACLES

“The event was so wonderful – I had never been to an Opera before and was really just going to support our amazing Theatre Manager and our beautiful Cummins Theatre….wow – was I shocked. They singers explained each of the aria’s before performing them so we had an idea of the story and then we were left to immerse ourselves in the emotion and passion of their amazing voices. Quite spectacular and something I will always remember. Thank you so much for travelling to our little town to share your amazing talents with us.” OPERA IN MERREDIN

“This was the most memorable, moving and mind blowing performance I have ever seen! I loved the music, the language, the vocal talent, the inclusion of local youth, and the humour. Just spectacular.” OPERA IN KALGOORLIE We travelled to Narrogin from our rural town of Boddington. Once in the hall, we sat at a table with other theatre guests and were served a wonderful main course and sweets at interval. It was wonderful to meet the others at our table who had also travelled to attend. The performance was magnificent.” OPERA IN NARROGIN

Available Marketing Collateral

Our Marketing Manager works with you to devise the most effective marketing campaign for the show. There is no additional cost for this and is part of our commitment to support regional communities. The majority of our campaigning is via social media.


WAO is your state opera company and our team reflects the diversity of our programming and offer the skills and experience to ensure that all our performances are presented equitably, safely, professionally and to budget.

We have a small full time administrative team that oversee all our productions and a pool of casual artists and specialist staff that are engaged on an ongoing basis.

Chris Van Tuinen, WAO’s Artistic Director, brings extensive knowledge in opera and classical arts (Opera Australia, WASO, Perth Festival, Musica Viva, UWA, Lost And Found). He has 20 years’ experience as a pianist, conductor, chorus director, vocal coach, artistic planner, and senior arts administrator. Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2001 and completed a Masters in Conducting there in 2005. He also holds a B.A. from the University Of Queensland, an LLB from Q.U.T. and an A.Mus.A. from the AMEB. He was nominated by the Musical Theatre Guild for Best Music Director and received a Green Room Award nomination as ‘Best Conductor’.

Mandy Farmer, WAO’s Production Manager, has been in her role since 2000 and has over twenty-five years’ experience in the arts with specialised experience in opera. She has worked across the canon of classic operatic works, as well as contemporary Australian works. Mandy has worked on all our regional touring programs and brings great knowledge to each project.


On demand in 2024 and beyond


Classical and Traditional Music, Theatre and Puppetry


We will work with you to curate a show for your community ie Mother's Day concert for families, Valentine's Day concert to celebrate love, Opera for young people that has been designed for students, Are you wanting to increase economic impact for your town and attract tourists ie Opera in the Pinnacles.


60-90 minutes

Bump In

Dependent upon the scope of work (indoor/outdoor) - 4 hour minimum 2 day maximum

Bump Out

Dependent upon the scope of work (indoor/outdoor) - 4 hour minimum 2 day maximum


Weekly Fee: This performance does not have a weekly fee but a one-off performance fee. The fee is variable dependent on what style of performance has been created for you.
Royalties: nil

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Terasa Letizia
Email: tletizia@waopera.asn.au

Company Website


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Venue Format

Flexible theatre format

Touring Party

8 minimum


Maximum performances a week: 4

Does this show require a remount? No

First Possible Performance: Dependent upon the scope of work (indoor/outdoor) – we can bump in, rehearse, perform, bump out in one day

Minimum Break Between Shows: N/A

Minimum stage dimensions: 10m x 8m

Staging and Set Description: There is no set for this type of production

Lighting requirements: Access to 3 phase power. Minimum requirement is a 3 colour wash.

Audio requirements: Microphone for speaking. No amplification required in an indoor venue. We can bring our own electronic piano and speaker that plugs into a standard power outlet.

Other technical or performance notes: The scale of the technical production is dependent on the scope of the performance.