It's a quiz! It's a cabaret! It's Quizaret! A fun quiz with cabaret, comedy, circus and 'The Big Golden Pencil'!

Quizaret is a unique performance mix up of fun quiz questions interspersed with amazing cabaret acts.

Join our lovely hosts Strawberry Bec Wilson and Quizaret sidekick Scott Chocolate in an interactive event you’ll never forget.

Test your trivia and win prizes while being entertained by top quality comedy, circus tricks, music and magic. One lucky person will be the ultimate quiz champion and take home ‘The Big Golden Pencil’!

*Pencil is not real gold but it is big!

You don’t have to be a mastermind to enjoy Quizaret, you just have to show up ready for fun.

Form and Style

Quizaret is presented as a meshing of Quiz show and Cabaret.

The performance is hosted by experienced and talented performers MC Bec Wilson and Scott Chocolate and a series of guest spots by the Quizaret crew.

Rounds of general knowledge questions are asked with small prizes for correct answers during the night.

Between each round, a variety of cabaret acts are presented including circus skills, music, comedy, magic etc.

A grand prize of ‘The Big Golden Pencil’ is presented to the best quizzer at the end in the five person Quizaret finale.

Quizaret performances aims at general family friendly shows with the questions mostly general knowledge. The Quizaret format allows theme flexibility that can be incorporated with specific acts and questions targeting different audiences.

There is also an opportunity for members of the community to participate in development and staging workshops leading up to the event with view to joining in to perform their skills/acts in 5 minute showcase guest spots as part of the Quizaret.

Community Engagement

The performance allows audiences to participate in the show through quiz sections.

We know there’s a lot of talented people out there and we know there’s not always the opportunity to show off these talents.

Quizaret creators Bec and Scott would like to extend an opportunity for members of the community to participate in workshops leading up to the event with a view to join in and performing their skills/act.

We would ask for expressions of interest from local communities to participate in workshops in the week leading up to the Quizaret performance. This gives an opportunity to workshop and present ideas and “audition” their acts/songs/dance etc.


“Beck Wilson and Scott Henman are pioneers of performance, having the imagination to create a show concept that I, and most of us, have never heard of before. Quizaret is the lovechild of all things astonishing and whimsical- moving from one act to the next and truly leaving the audience wondering, What will happen next?…. When Mariah opens her mouth magic spills out, evoking emotions that I was not expecting to feel on an unassuming Friday night. Those that beheld Mariah’s performance were left awestruck and misty-eyed, revelling in the all-consuming beauty and talent that her presence and voice floods the room with….the true power of Quizaret. …little bouts of joy and magic that went hand in hand with the unpredictability… enjoy the charming madness that is Quizaret.” – Excerpt from Fringe World online review, Jesse Hilcox, Quizaret at Camelot Theatre Fringe World 2022

“What an awesome idea, combining a pub quiz with a cabaret show. 5 Stars! Loved being a part of the show and also sitting back and enjoying some exceptional performances!” – FringeFeed review, Howard. Feb 2022

Available Marketing Collateral

Professional posters, flyers, photograph, reviews and media releases.


Beck Wilson and Scott Henman have extensive performing experience.

Beck and Scott have created cabarets and circus festivals, told stories in a Rolls Royce, built replica spacesuits for Perth Festival, driven over 100 kms of bitumen in a wooden rowboat, travelled the world performing at circus and theatre festivals.

Beck and Scott have created and performed solo, duo and in groups in Australia, Europe, Canada and Japan, NZ . Projects include The Rottnest Island Circus Festival, Street Fest, A Space Oddity and The Dreamboat, The Strawberry Show, The Scott Chocolate Show and Electro Choc.

Beck has a BA Comms, Theatre, Journalism, Film. Scott has performed as musician with The Kilted generation and Drivel.

They enjoy presenting high calibre skill in a fun, inclusive format. The acts are specifically chosen for each mounting of a Quizaret production to fit in with the theme of the show. Past performances have included a diverse range of skills and talents from opera singer Fiona Mariah to hula hoop queen Tarabelle Murphy from Zapp Circus.



From September 2023


Musical Theatre and Cabaret, Comedy and Magic, Participatory and Immersive


We have found our demographic to be in the 30-70's age group. Quizaret is a versatile format that can adapt acts and quiz questions to any audience.


70 Minutes

Bump In

1.5 Hours

Bump Out

1 Hour


Weekly Fee: $6,000.00
Royalties: There are no royalties for this production.

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Scott Henham
Email: fairground@bigpond.com

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Venue Format

Suits all venue formats

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 6

Does this show require a remount? No

First Possible Performance: 1 Hour after Bump-in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 1 Hour

Minimum stage dimensions:  4m x 4m x 4m

Staging and Set Description: Quizaret is adaptable to suit stage specs. Open space on stage for physical theatre/circus acts. Small riser for Musical equipment. Includes Drum kit, PA, 2 microphones, 2 microphone stands, DI for Bass Guitar, DI for guitar, DI for SPD

Lighting requirements: General wash.

Audio requirements: PA and sound desk with 6 inputs. Musical instruments. Drum kit (not miked unless in large venue), Bass guitar (DI) , laptop (Aux), 2 x vocal mics.