A prince, a princess, witch...and a hairdresser! A classic fairytale about growing up and finding your voice, all with an operatic twist.

Welcome to Operaland, the place were we sometimes talk and we sometimes sing, it’s all the same to us! Despite being locked away in her tower by a witch, our Rapunzel is no pathetic heroine waiting to be rescued! She is fierce, sassy and manages to attract a passing Prince with her lovely singing. Hair as long as Rapunzel’s needs maintenance and the witch, Bertha, reluctantly lets Figaro, the local hairdresser into the tower…and together they hatch an escape plan. A classic fairytale about growing up and finding your voice, all with an operatic twist!

Form and Style

Rapunzel is based on Rossini’s popular opera The Barber of Seville which has a similar story. All the music is from the opera but with new book and libretto commissioned by Freeze Frame Opera and written by Penny Shaw, who has also directed the show. The edits to the score have been made by Musical Director Tommaso Pollio.

Rapunzel runs for just 40 minutes. It has been written and directed with primary school children in mind but appeals to all ages. The set, comprising of a tower and a sign post, has been designed by Rhianna Walker to be able to be easily transported, packed into a van and to be quick and easy for the cast to assemble. The colourful costumes are designed by Michelle Ward and bring a fairytale feel with a modern flavour. There are four characters in the opera and one pianist.

Community Engagement

It is possible to take this production into aged care communities and schools.


Jessica Gethin – Conductor (testimonial)

Highly recommend this FFO show! We were thoroughly entertained at the preview – great cast, fabulous musical direction, and very clever.  Funny libretto and direction by Penny Shaw and the production team. Toi Toi for the tour!

Joyce Arch – Testimonial (Facebook)

I saw this yesterday with my 6 year old granddaughter and both of us loved it. Really well done. I would highly recommend it. Congratulations to all involved.

Available Marketing Collaterals

We have professional posters, photos, flyers, reviews and will have video for promotional purposes.


Freeze Frame Opera (FFO) is a Perth-based not-for-profit opera company dedicated to making opera accessible, affordable and appealing, adapting classic operas and creating new works to bring exciting performances to diverse audiences, including children and first-time opera goers.  FFO celebrates and provides experiences for exceptional local artists in a nurturing, supportive environment.

The 4 singers are recent WAAPA grads. This is their first touring opera experience. They have been chosen for their exceptional opera and dramatic skills.




From August 2023


Children and Families


Families, primary school aged children, anyone who is interested in opera, musical theatre, disney etc.


40 Minutes

Bump In

30 Mins (no lighting) to 3 Hours (with lighting)

Bump Out

30 Mins


Weekly Fee: $10,000.00
Royalties: 5%

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Adele Williamson
Email: ffoadele@gmail.com

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Venue Format


Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 10

Does this show require a remount? Yes

First Possible Performance: 30 mins after bump in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 1 Hour

Minimum stage dimensions: 6m x 4m

Staging and Set Description: There is a revolving tower, a sign post and a black flat which is also used for quick changes. Inside the tower there is a chair and various props.

Lighting requirements: None needed, will use as much or as little as is available.

Audio requirements: Usually performed acoustically with no audio but would need 4 headset mics and PA if being performed in an outdoor venue.