Salama Odyssey: A Celebration of Creole Music and Dance

Embark on a sunny musical journey with a Creole twist, in their captivating rhythms, joyful chants and flamboyant dances.

Salama Odyssey is a rich performance weaving live music, theatre/storytelling, dance and visual creatives that takes the audience on a joyful and deep journey to the Indian Ocean islands.

At the core of the music setlist is Maloya, a traditional percussion-based music from Reunion Island, which finds its roots in the island’s complex and painful history. Today Maloya is associated with ancestry, being Creole and blissful freedom. The troupe is fortunate to be pioneering in the sharing of the powerful and magical Maloya in Australia.

The band plays a thirteen-song setlist that ranges from maloya to sega, but also seggae. The performers skilfully blend the traditional and modern and offer an engaging visual showcase thanks to the joyous dancing, colourful costumes and show backdrop (projection) made up of AI visuals created especially for the show accompanying song lyrics translated in English.

The narrator drives the storytelling of the show and explains the background and meaning of the songs which are sung in French, Creole and Malagasy. The troupe takes you on a journey back in time and across the oceans. as they explore with humour their origins, culture, friendships, and ultimately, who they are.

Form and Style

We are offering 2 sets for the evening.

75-min of formal show with option of live band performance with beginner dance workshop and social dancing.

Our formal show: 11 performers consisting of a 6-piece live band and 5 singers/dancers in costume on stage. The set is delivered in multiple Indian Ocean languages (French, Reunion Creole, Seychelles Creole, Madagascar language). We have an optional narrator intervening throughout the show to share stories and meaning of songs in English (alternative would be filmed interventions). We divide the show into three sets which can be identified by the three different sets of costumes worn by singers/dancers.

The full set of projected slides with lyrics and AI visuals specially created for the show is a key component of the storytelling and serves as a backdrop

Community Engagement

a) Pre-show dance/music workshop: We can invite the local community to participate in a meet and greet style activity (prior to the show) where they can learn basic steps and basic rhythms to participate in the tail end of the show (basic percussions provided).

b) Creole dance workshops – we can run workshops with individuals and/or dance groups in venue and in schools.

c) Music master class – we can run a 1-hour master class on music and dance for local musicians or the general public.

d) School incursions: We can deliver fun interactive shows in schools for cultural discovery or as part of their music French Language/History curriculum.

e) In the ‘last act’ of the show, the audience is invited to dance and play with us on stage for a joyful closing number.

f) Post-show Q&A: We can facilitate an engaging question time around history, culture, and traditional instruments after our show.


“A spectacular celebration and moving tribute to a most powerful culture. A whirlpool of colours, sounds, and emotions, which gives off almighty warmth, happiness, and appetite for life. Performed by a bunch of ultra-talented dancers, singers, and musicians, this show takes you far away to many beautiful islands, where the sacred and the simple joys of everyday life intertwine harmoniously.”

Testimonial by Mavra G.

“What a beautiful show! The stories shared through music and dance was a privilege to watch, and the joy throughout the performance was infectious. You left wanting to book a holiday immediately!”

Testimonial by Briana W.

“What a fabulous performance. Salama took us on an island journey that was uplifting, engaging and heartfelt. The live island music and dance was such an incredible performance. The audience were engaged all the way through, thank you Salama. Please perform again soon.”

Testimonial by Elizabeth W.

“Emotional roller-coaster. One of the most beautiful shows that I ever saw. I cried and laughed… just amazing.”

Testimonial by Giulianne T.

Fantastic Performers. Great Music, Dancing And A Fantastic Energy In The Audience. Great For The Whole Family

Testimonial by Melanie G.

“Inspiring, vibrant and beautiful performance!! The passion, energy and amazing skills demonstrated throughout the whole show are impressive. My island heart is full, thank you Salama for such a wonderful time!”

Testimonial by Cecile D.

Available Marketing Collateral

Professional poster/flyer artwork, video, photographs, sample media release. Material can include the fact that we were Overall Winner for Music/Musicals for Fringe World Perth 2023.


The troupe is composed of experienced and versatile musicians from Australia and overseas:

Ben Bulla from Australia (Guitar/percussions): 12+ years experience playing

Adrien Giraud from New Caledonia (Percussions): 20 years + of experience in diverse genres from reggae to jazz

Jeremy Goinden from Mauritius/South Africa (Percussions): 12+ years experience playing jazz, sega, afro-beats bands. Completing Music Studies at WAAPA

Rummy Keshet from Israel (Bass/Percussions): 20 + years experience in diverse genre including rock, metal

Bertoni Samoisi from Mauritius (Percussions): 15+ years experience in playing djembe for sega, seggae and African music bands.

The singers/dancers ensemble is made up of 5 females originating from Indian Ocean rim with strong experience in their home music and dance: Oumou Bah from Mali and Guinea (in West Africa): 10+ years experience in African dances

Muriel Hillion (Artistic Director, choreograph, lead singer): Originally from La Réunion island, Salama’s artistic director, Muriel Hillion (PhD in Performing Arts at WAAPA), has been dedicating the past 15 years engaging with Australia around the Creole cultural fabric.

Carole Katz from Reunion and Madagascar: 25+ years experience in community choirs an rock bands, Sega, African and Ballroom dancing

Martine Palmire from Mauritius: 13+ years experience in sega dance and choirs Brigitte Underwood-Legeron from Seychelles: 12+ years experience as sega dancer, Brazilian artistry and choir


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Ballet and Dance, Contemporary Music


Family-friendly show (5-80 yo), although core audience is between 25-55yo. Creole music lovers, culturally curious and adventurous individuals, Afro beats/latin/tropical music listeners, Indian Ocean Islands communities, French-speaking communities, music/dance/performance students and teachers, world music enthusiasts, dance floor aficionados, keen travellers.


75 minutes, no interval

Bump In

2-3 hours

Bump Out

2 hours


Weekly Fee: $11,720
Royalties: 8%

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Muriel Hillion

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Venue Format

All spaces that enable projection

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 6

Does this show require a remount? Yes

First Possible Performance: 3 hours after bump-in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 2 hours

Minimum stage dimensions: 8m x 5m

Staging and Set Description: Just instruments towards the back of the stage. No props.

Lighting requirements: This show has used the Standard Lighting Rig of the Subiaco Arts Centre: 1 x warm FOH wash 1 x cool FOH wash 3 x colour overhead wash 1 x LED par full stage overhead wash. 1x gobo wash 6 x specials in various locations.

Audio requirements: Minimum audio requirements* > 5 x Headsets > 1 x Bass amp DI out > 1 x Kick mic > 1 x Snare mic > 1 x O/H condenser mic > 1 x Rouler instrument mic > 1 x DI for Keys Left mono out > 1 x Aux in cable for Ipad