Skye Scraper: The Life and Times of a Drag Queen Accountant

Australia's campest drag queen bares all in this chaotic cabaret about her double life as a drag queen accountant!

“After the audience packed into the venue, Skye bursts through the door, ducking low to miss the frame. Something I’m sure she’d have to do even without the heels. She apologises for her lateness, she’s just had to rush from the office! This is the dichotomy at the core of the show.

Skye and John, who are differentiated on stage by a change in lighting and voice, share the story of their emerging dual careers, balancing the pressure of finding his footing as a young queer person at a major corporation, and trying to hone her craft and make a name for herself as a drag performer after hours.

Skye cleverly nods to her diverse audience, breaking down the drag and arts slang for the baffled white collar crew in the crowd, making sure everyone is in on the laughs.

The simplification of the language and standards of drag for the layperson is a common theme throughout the performance. One of the many highlights of the hour was an interactive build-your-own-drag-number using signs and a very sweet, shy audience member who Skye did an impressive job of making feel comfortable once he was under the spotlight.

It wasn’t until after the show that it occurred to me that much of the performance was monologue. Skye is an exceptional raconteur, and she delivers her stories in such an engaging way that the audience was completely captivated throughout. Each anecdote flowed seamlessly into the next, and there was barely a moment of silence between the crowd’s thunderous laughter.”

Form and Style

The show is a one woman drag show, presented through story telling, lip sync and physical theatre. The show bounces chaotically between the two characters, John and Skye. An intimate set up where Skye often talks directly to people she can see in the front few rows.

The show starts by Skye bursting through the door, she’s arrived late and missed her queue. She stops the show, apologies explaining that her accounting job has held her up. On a further occasions Skye stops the show again to catch some members of the audience (either the accountants or the theatre goers) upto speed, or to change lighting. She explains they’ve not had time to do a tech run with her busy corporate schedule!

Presented in a theatre, the only set required is a chair. Tech is minimal with just 4 lighting states, and some audio queues to follow.

Community Engagement

1.) Events targeted at the local queer communities.

  • A Pre-show meet and greet, in drag, for specifically the queer community.
  • Option to run a specific event for queer youth. Previously a group make-up/drag workshop has worked well.


2.) For the parents of queer kids, I can do a bookclub type workshop with the book “Honeybee” by Craig Silvey as the recommended text, (I was the drag queen consultant on that and have done many of these in Perth).

3.) For the general public, a story telling workshop for all individuals, where people bring their stories / poems and we workshop presenting them.

4.) Attendance in drag of community events, such as a farmers market or other

4.) Can come and speak to companies about being LGBTQIA+ in the workplace, and developing their workplace’s diversity maturity.


“I was totally in awe of the sharp and skilful writing behind this performance. Every joke was a smash hit; well-timed physical comedy was peppered throughout the monologues and lip-sync numbers; voice-over gags elevated the rest of the comedy without becoming a crutch, and Skye delivered it all magnificently.”

“Skye is incredibly captivating to watch, and she really made the cosy venue work to her advantage by giving every audience member an excellent vantage point and plenty of nods so everyone felt a part of the night…It’s clear Skye is going places, and I feel very lucky to have caught this fantastic performance in its first run”

“This was an energy filled and entertaining show. Skye was bright, fun and candid. Everyone in the audience was invited into her world, and left wanting to be her friend. A delightful and intimate peek into the world of drag (and accounting) I now know more about tax and fake tits.”

Available Marketing Collateral

High quality photo shoot images specifically designed for the show

  • Show poster / Flyer
  • Tailored video content of Skye speaking to the specific audience of the venues
  • Show reels of show
  • Vox Pox
  • Entire show on video if required
  • Sample Media Release

I’m happy to film specific content where required!


Skye has been a drag performer for 8 years, performing around Australia and Europe, including Sydney World Pride Festival, Amsterdam Milkshake Music Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival. She’s a talented storyteller, physical performer and lip sync artist.

As also an accountant, she has lived experience being queer in the workplace. Further, they’re well organised, prompt on emails, and a delight to work with. Always up for a chat and photos after the show, and participating in community events.

Skye Scraper Entertainment has won the “Blaz” award at the 2023 Fringe World Festival. The award presented to best writing of a performance in the festival, for Skye Scraper: The Life and Times of a Drag Queen Accountant.


From October 2023


Musical Theatre and Cabaret, Comedy and Magic


People who work in commerce | The queer community | Lovers of drag / waters of Drag race | Middle aged people enticed with the idea of the show


60 minutes, no interval

Bump In

15 minutes before the theatre is live

Bump Out

15 minutes after post show photos finish up


Weekly Fee: $3,500
Royalties: nil

Company Contacts

Contact Name: John Hugo

Tell me more


Venue Format

No limitations. Preference is audience is in a round formation.

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 12

Does this show require a remount? No

First Possible Performance: 2.5 hours after bump-in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 90 minutes

Minimum stage dimensions: Small or large stage

Staging and Set Description: No limitations. Preference is audience is in a round formation.

Lighting requirements: Some form of spotlight. Warm, blue and pink washes.

Audio requirements: Speaker for audio if the venue requires one for story telling (I bring my own microphone).

Other technical notes: The show is simple with tech, the venue’s technician or operator must follow along with me on the script as some sound queues are important that they are hit accurately.