Songbird is a play about love and tragedy. Featuring live music and songs, the show is a naturalistic drama of shared memories and battle between forgiveness and sorrow.

Songbird is a story about a young couple, Leon & Brooke, who parted ways following the death of Brooke’s brother, Michael, who was also Leon’s best mate. After five years, Leon wants to re-connect with Brooke and find out why Michael died. Does he really want to know the truth behind the death? Will he understand why reconciliation with Brooke may be too difficult or will their shared memories & love of music allow forgiveness to triumph over the ever- aching sadness they both share? A play of music, shared tragedy and love.

Form and Style

Songbird is a 3 hander show with live original music and an engaging story of music, shared tragedy and love. The show will be presented in a black box theatre with the ability to adapt to a large number of spaces.

Community Engagement

  • Morning or afternoon tea with community and Elders.
  • Q&A with cast members.

4 stars | Review by Laura Money

“Songbird is a haunting and beautiful lesson in love, camaraderie, deep affection and connection. It is about forging intense relationships and the strong emotions that align with that. It features live songs that are heartfelt and irreverent and are guaranteed to elicit tingles. Cooper’s voice is sweet and soulful and the sentiment behind the songs create an emotionally rich experience.

This is not Shakara Walley (Director) and Yirra Yaakin’s first collaboration with The Blue Room Theatre and it shows. The show is slick, professional and, more importantly, intimate and relatable. It speaks of the fine line between curiosity, anger and forgiveness and it will make you want to go home and hug your loved ones tighter.”

“Walley is well-known in Perth, and both her name’s familiarity and the tightness of this script add to the surprise that she has not ventured into playwriting previously. She perceptively foregrounds emotional intensity and character identity, embedding the narrative in contemporary issues to ensure intelligent credibility. Worth watching at any time of year, Songbird is a welcome addition to the NAIDOC Week celebrations.” ARTSHUB

Available Marketing Collateral

Poster, artwork, photographs


Cezera Critti-Schnaars – Director

Played the role of Jo March in adaption of Little Women for The Blue Room Theatre and Mel & Sal in 2021 and directed the Ngalaka Daa Ensemble piece for Yirra Yaakin and WAYTco in both 2021 and 2022. For her performance in Hecate (2020) she was awarded Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress at the PAWA awards. Recently she has finished a well received regional tour of Seven Sisters with Perth Festival as Co-Director.

Shakara Whalley – Writer

Producer, director, writer and performer. Established live musician and performer, Songbird is her second theatre work.


From 22nd April, 2024 - we are remounting the show in April 2024




Young adults 18-35. Anyone who can relate to love, loss and reconnection.


90 minutes

Bump In

16 hours

Bump Out

3 hours


Weekly Fee: $9,555
Royalties: 13%

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Jen Edwards

Company Website

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Venue Format

Black box, proscenium arch

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 4

Does this show require a remount? No

First Possible Performance: Day 2 – evening

Minimum Break Between Shows: 2 hours

Minimum stage dimensions: 8m x 8m

Staging and Set Description: Songbird uses songs and musical instruments. It was originally performed at The Blue Room Theatre and will be performed in the Studio at Subiaco Arts Centre. We will require a space of 8m x 8m to realise the design. Types of theatres this could be performed in are Black Boxes or Pros Arch stages.

Lighting requirements: We will require general front wash in a colour gel suitable for darker skin tones as well as a few specials. We will be touring with 12 LED Hex Wash Pars which will be DMX controlled. We will also being touring with an Ion desk on a laptop which we can plug directly into your venues patch and circuits.

Audio requirements: PA and foldback. Performers will use 2 x guitars on stage with vocal microphone on stand.