The Magical Weedy Seadragon

Join us on a magical transformative adventure from shore to ocean, full of quirky characters, live music and audience participation.

A magical transformative adventure from ocean to shore, the story follows a young child who has forgotten how to be kind. On finding a Magical Weedy Seadragon washed up on shore the child must choose between helping the Seadragon back into the water and what they really want – to keep the Seadragon for themselves! On deciding to take the sea creature home, the Magical Weedy Seadragon casts a spell over the child. In an explosion of magic the child is transformed into a little fish and shot far out to sea! “Turn me back into a child again” The poor child-fish cries. “Only once you have remembered what it means to be kind” replies the Seadragon.And so, the child-fish begins a journey of discovery through the Great Southern Reef. Raging oceanic currents, sinister sea creatures and a dazzling aquatic talent quest finds the child far from home, but learning important lessons. Will the jellyfish and electric eel help when it all goes wrong? And how does the child learn the most important lesson of all? – kindness.


“A treat for the whole family.” – Stage Whispers

The Magical Weedy Seadragon has had sold-out seasons at the Albany Entertainment Centre, Mandurah Arts Festival and AWESOME Festival 2023.

Shows On The Go

CircuitWest is excited to present The Magical Weedy Seadragon as part of Shows On The Go 2024.

Shows On The Go is a touring program funded by the state government to bring professional performing arts productions to regional and remote Western Australia. You choose the shows you want for your community, and CircuitWest will work with you to create a successful tour.



April 29 - June 9 2024


Children and Families, Comedy and Magic, Contemporary Music, Theatre and Puppetry


Children and families.


60 minutes

Bump In

1 hour


$3,000 + GST + 10% ROYALTIES

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Rebecca Nelson

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Venue Format

The production can be staged in theatre format - however as direct contact with the audience is important, spaces such as black box studios, halls and large reception spaces are preferred. If performed on a proscenium arch stage it is important to have safe stage access for the audience participation component of the show.

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