The Magical Weedy Seadragon

Join us on a magical transformative adventure from shore to ocean, full of quirky characters, live music and audience participation.

A magical transformative adventure from ocean to shore, the story follows a young child who has forgotten how to be kind. On finding a Magical Weedy Seadragon washed up on shore the child must choose between helping the Seadragon back into the water and what they really want – to keep the Seadragon for themselves! On deciding to take the sea creature home, the Magical Weedy Seadragon casts a spell over the child. In an explosion of magic the child is transformed into a little fish and shot far out to sea! “Turn me back into a child again” The poor child-fish cries. “Only once you have remembered what it means to be kind” replies the Seadragon.And so, the child-fish begins a journey of discovery through the Great Southern Reef. Raging oceanic currents, sinister sea creatures and a dazzling aquatic talent quest finds the child far from home, but learning important lessons. Will the jellyfish and electric eel help when it all goes wrong? And how does the child learn the most important lesson of all? – kindness.

Form and Style

The Magical Weedy Seadragon is performed by three actor-singers who each play multiple characters using costumes and puppets. The narrative is quirky, fast paced and comedic.

The performance includes spoken dialogue, solo and ensemble singing, featuring all original music. Music styles reference 1950s rock, folk, music theatre and contemporary classical. The audience will have the opportunity to learn sections of some songs and participate in the performance.

Audience interaction includes singing, some classic pantomime interaction and incorporating audience volunteers onstage. Breaksea’s team of highly skilled performers and facilitators work towards ensuring everyone feels included and comfortable within the space. Breaksea’s mission is to foster participation in and appreciation for performing arts.

The event runs for 1 hour, including introductions, interactive singing and the performance.

Community Engagement

Given the highly interactive nature of the performance, the show itself is great community engagement. Breaksea’s highly skilled team of performers will teach singing and movement components to the audience before the production begins. In addition, some audience members will have the opportunity to join the cast on stage. Each performance includes a question and answer time, and an opportunity for the audience to meet the gorgeous puppets.

Breaksea’s weekly tour schedule can be tailored to the needs of the local community providing both workshops and performances. The weekly touring schedule includes up to 8 activities, which may include skills development sessions, singing workshops and public performances.

Presenters are welcome to nominate schools or community groups to receive skills development and participate in singing workshops. In some locations this may comprise 8 performances between schools and public venues, or 4 community engagement sessions and 4 performances.

Example weekly engagement schedule:

Day 1: 2 school incursion performances.

Day 2: 1 school singing workshop for school choir & 1 public performance at a host school for students, families and staff.

Day 3: 1 school incursion performance & 1 skill development session for the local adult community choir.

Day 4: 2 public performances in studio performance space.

Available Marketing Collaterals
  • Professional poster, flyer and pull-up banner template
  • Artwork in various formats (E.g. Social media banner, icon, scoop etc)
  • Short showreel film
  • Production images
  • Media release template
  • Production synopsis
  • Company and artist biographies
  • Artist publicity shots
  • Excerpts of previous media quotes

Performer & Facilitators

Jarrad Inman is a Menang Noongar man raised in Albany. Recently Jarrad played Koolbardi in the WA Opera Production “Koolbardi Wer Wardong” and is the front man for band “Ricky Neil Jnr.”

Tadgh Laurence is a NIDA trained actor/ singer and has appeared in numerous theatre and film roles. Tadgh has toured extensively in Europe, USA and China with the ‘Young Irish Tenors’ and appeared alongside Dolly Parton.

Pia Harris studied at Royal College of Music London, English National Opera and has sung extensively with Opera Holland Park London, Royal Albert Hall, New York Lyric Opera and WA Opera. Pia is an experienced vocal and music director.

Producer – Abbie Pedersen

Abbie is consultant to Perth Festival Special Projects and Denmark Arts and was the producer for Annette Carmichael Projects. Abbie has worked in the regional arts sector for over 16 years.

Director/ Creator – Matt Ward

For Breaksea Matt has created performances and community engagement projects reaching from the Great Southern to the Kimberley. For WA Opera Matt has created numerous children and youth productions including the first opera in Noongar, Koolbardi wer Wardong written by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse.

Composer – Jonathan Brain

A musician and stage performer of broad interests, Brain sings opera, plays rock’n’roll, composes music and teaches music. Jonathan’s compositions have featured on stage, in films and at live concerts all over Australia.



August 2023


Children and Families, Comedy and Magic, Contemporary Music, Theatre and Puppetry


Children and families.


60 minutes

Bump In

1 hour

Bump Out

45 minutes


Weekly Fee: $11,300 +GST
Royalties: 10%

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Matt Ward

Company Website

Tell me more


Venue Format

The production can be staged in theatre format - however as direct contact with the audience is important, spaces such as black box studios, halls and large reception spaces are preferred. If performed on a proscenium arch stage it is important to have safe stage access for the audience participation component of the show.

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 8

Does this show require a remount? Yes

First Possible Performance: 30 mins after Bump In

Minimum Break Between Shows: 90 mins

Minimum stage dimensions:   Minimum stage dimensions: 5 meters wide by 4 meters deep. Ideal stage dimensions: 5 meters wide by 4 meters deep. Depending on the audience capacity a raised area of staging may be required.

Staging and Set Description: 

The production has simple staging requirements, having been designed for easy touring in a manner which makes it possible to perform in community halls and also professional studio spaces. With 120-meters of coloured bunting and other set elements available, we can transform any space into a bright, joy filled performance space. Set elements 1 – 3000/2400 collapsible banner for centre back drop. 2 – 1500/2400 collapsible banners for stage left and right “wings” 2 – Treasure chests 1 – Beach chair 1 – Beach umbrella with weighted stand Up to 120 meters of coloured bunting (optional)

Lighting requirements:

Black-out performance space: In-venue standard rig with in-house operator. Community spaces: Natural light and existing lighting fixtures are adequate.

Audio requirements:  

The show has pre-recorded audio tracks played throughout, through Q-Lab (file and audio cues will be provided on USB and operated by the touring company). Venue to supply: Sound desk to suit system, Show laptop to operate QLab file, 3 x headset microphones and receiver.

Other technical or performance notes: