The Snow

Join Thea and the brave as they are launched over the snow and into the grandest of adventures.

The Snow, by renowned playwright Finegan Krukemeyer, tells the story of Thea Sutton, a child from the village of Kishka. When a mysterious snow envelopes the village, Theodora embarks on a journey to discover the cause of the phenomenon. She proposes the villagers build a catapult to fling her and six of the village’s bravest and boldest out in search of a solution. With the catapult hastily assembled, Thea and the heroes are launched over the snow and into the grandest of adventures.

The Snow gently explores the challenges of climate change and extreme weather events, and affirms young people possess the power to bring about systemic change. It is up to the smallest and youngest to create real change, not through force, but their innate creativity.

BGT have programmed The Snow in direct response to the isolation young people have experienced through COVID-19 and the challenges we face collectively, as we transition into a post-pandemic world. The Snow is joyous and hilarious, a perfect antidote to the heaviness of the past few years, but at its heart it is also a story about community – about how we overcome isolation, heal rifts within communities and find common ground when things have become polarised.

form and style

Director, Adam Mitchell together with playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer, have re-developed the work into a five-handed play, designed for a black-box space that can be easily toured. For this new production the creative team have re-imagined the original script so that the two main characters are now female leads, bringing into sharper focus the vision of a matriarchal society The Snow proposes. This will provide young people the opportunity to see women as the heroines in fairy tales (an actuality that has been sadly absent in many traditional and contemporary stories) and gently points to the idea of the many untold histories we are collectively uncovering at this time of great societal change.

The work will feature an eclectic mix of storytelling, traditional Czech puppetry, animation, cutting-edge technology and live music that will see BGT continue to push artistic boundaries and craft a unique experience for young audiences of the highest standard.

community engagement

An immersive foyer-installation and associated activities will accompany the show.

In addition, the performance will have a themed BGT comprehensive Creative Learning resource. This resource is curated by Teaching Artist and Drama Specialist, Teresa Jackovic alongside BGT’s own Creative Learning Team. It will lend itself to rich integration across the Curriculum, with direct links provided across The Arts, English and Science. Activities prepare students to attend the performance, as well as to further engage, explore and reflect on the work in both this, and its original form afterwards.


‘What a grand gift to Milwaukee, America and the world from a playwright who has traveled the globe. The marvelous, timely message of The Snow bears repeating – over and over – so the walls of chilling darkness that divide humanity may warm into shared charity and kindness.’ – Broadway World

available marketing collateral

A full comprehensive marketing kit will be available post-season (including show information, artistic credits, copy, artist and creatives biographies and headshots, copy, hero images, production images, social media tiles, design files, promotional video, media quotes logos and acknowledgements).


Barking Gecko Theatre (BGT) is committed to making theatre for children and families that is aesthetically, rich emotionally resonant works of ambition, sophistication and scale. We prize the well-crafted and the rigourous. We work with leading artists to tell incredible stories.

Playwright – Finegan Kruckemeyer (internationally renowned award-winning playwright, with 101 commissioned plays to date).

Director – Adam Mitchell (award-winning stage director known for his inventive theatre, music theatre and opera productions).

Designer – Zoe Atkinson (award-winning set and costume designer who most recently co-created and designed the Perth Festival events HOME, BOORNA WAANGINY).

Lighting Designer – Lucy Birkinshaw (lighting designer, artist, and co-founder of Filament Design Group whose design work spans theatre, music theatre, concert lighting, opera, dance, film and television.

Composer, Sound Designer & Live Musician – Cathie Travers (renowned West-Australian piano accordion player).

Actor – Grace Chow (award-winning Asian Australian theatre-maker, playwright, and painter who most recently performed in BGT’s The Great Un-wondering of Wilbur Whitaker).

Actor – Charlotte Otton (multi-award-winning theatre maker, writer, and actor).

Actor – Andrea Gibbs (Host of ‘Weekends’ on ABC digital radio, co-creator of Barefaced Stories, actor, comedian and playwright.

Actor – Isaac Diamond (actor and theatre maker who performed in BGT’s award-winning HOUSE 2021).



From 1 February 2024


Children and Families, Theatre and Puppetry


Children (8+) and families


60 Minutes

Bump In

8 - 10 Hours

Bump Out

4 Hours


Weekly Fee: $16,000
Royalties: 14%

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Natalie Di Risio

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Venue Format

Proscenium or Black box

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 8

Does this show require a remount? Yes

First Possible Performance: Morning of Day 2

Minimum Break Between Shows: 2 Hours

Minimum stage dimensions: 10 x 8 x 4

Staging and Set Description: The set is a 3m x 1m x 1m cabinet, featuring opening and closing doors, poles for the cast to climb and curtains for projection. Upstage sits a projector. There is a musician’s area (prompt side) and the space is surrounded by black masking.

Lighting requirements: TBC

Audio requirements: Good quality PA with left, right and sub components. All other audio will tour with the show.

Other technical or performance notes: We will require x3 venue crew for bump-in and bump-out.