The Lifetime of Deaf and Deafblind

The Lifetime of Deaf and Deafblind is an emotive, true story which beautifully encapsulating the troubles and triumphs of living in a silent world.

Ever wondered what it might be like to experience a lifetime of isolation? No communication, forced to learn in a language you can’t experience?

Welcome along to The Lifetime of Deaf and Deafblind. Peter Blockey and Eddie Szczepanik invite you into their world through storytelling and interactive signed song performance.

With the help of three hearing cast members they will share with you the highs and lows of growing up in a hearing world. This production journeys back to the 1980s when Szczepanik was first diagnosed with a serious eye condition. With many steps along the way, audiences will find themselves in the modern day, with celebrations of new technologies and further acceptance of deafness in an ever-changing world. This heartfelt story will drag you through a range of emotions and expose you to an unfamiliar and challenging, yet at times beautiful, cultural experience.

Audiences will step outside the theatre with a greater understanding of the Deaf/Deafblind community and culture, as well as having learnt some signs of their own to start them on the Auslan journey.

Form and Style

The Lifetime of Deaf and Deafblind is a theatrical production that delves into the lived experience of Peter Blockey (Deaf) and Eddie Szczepanik (Deafblind). With the help of three hearing cast this production takes audiences on a wholesome journey into the past. Intertwined with signed song performances, the theatrical works are an emotional rollercoaster, sharing both the highs and lows of living in a silent world.

The set is seemingly simple, with the heart of this production lying at the core of each individuals willingness to share their raw emotions with the room.

This magnificent and unique cultural experience will expose audience members to the isolation and barriers faced by Deaf/Deafblind community. In a surprising twist, the performers fill the room with optimism and share the positive changes in the world around them, from technological advancements to access to interpreters.

Blockey is known for his previous work, Deafinite Connection, which saw audience members touched by his openness and willingness to share with them.

“I walked out feeling so grateful that Peter had been generous enough to share his story with us, the audience.” (Fringefeed 2022)

The Lifetime of Deaf and Deafblind builds on this previous work, taking it one step further by inviting audience members to share in this world through a cross-cultural encounter.

Community Engagement

School visits:

  • Host free Auslan workshops
  • Presentation and Q&A session with the Deaf and Deafblind cast delving into true lived experiences

Q&A after each show with audience members

Meet and greet with interpreter present

Interviews/presentations – behind-the-scenes and production notes


“You will not see a show that will fill you with more warmth. This is theatre that nourishes the soul.” – Isolated Nation

“For those of us who can see and hear it can be hard to imagine what it’s like to navigate life with those senses impaired. The power of Peter Blockey’s theatre work The Lifetime of Deaf and Deaf Blind is that it invites the audience into this world.” – Seesaw Magazine

“Fantastic show, so great to have something specifically for Deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences. Very thought provoking show, hopefully giving people a chance to see how life has many challenges but people still retain a sense of humour.” – Audience member, Summer Nights 2023

Available Marketing Collateral
  • Posters/flyers both print and digital.
  • Imagery.
  • Show excerpts.
  • Interpreted interviews and promotional presentations/excerpts.
  • Promotional videos and clips for various platforms.
  • Press release (updated upon request)

Producer, director and performer, Peter Blockey, was born Deaf into a hearing family. Growing up in regional WA, it wasn’t until he was 11 that he was first introduced to Auslan. Peter had always had a passion for the arts, so in 1986 when he learned of Marlee Matlin, the first Deaf Oscar recipient, he felt empowered in his artistic pursuits.

After a lengthy journey with many barriers and rejections, Peter finally found himself someone to collaborate with through DADAA (arts and disability organisation). This helped launch his artistic career through the conversion of four of his poems into composed works with signed song accompaniments. He has since performed these pieces at various events and festivals, including FLOW Festival in 2019 and 2021.

Peters true vision came to life during Fringe World Festival 2022, when he premiered his theatre production, Deafinite Connection. This was redeveloped for Summer Nights 2023 as his current work, The Lifetime of Deaf and Deafblind.

Eddie was also born profoundly Deaf. He has always had a flare for the arts, specifically comedy, modelling and acting. This was predominantly expressed as a hobby until long-term friend Peter, invited Eddie to collaborate with him on The Lifetime of Deaf and Deafblind. Together they scripted a true story of Eddie’s diagnosis with retinitis pigmentosa. Eddie is passionate about raising awareness of Usher Syndrome and believes that the arts is a fantastic platform for achieving this.



From April 2024


Theatre and Puppetry


Audiences who have an interest in meeting with Deaf people and learning about their culture


75 Minutes

Bump In

1 Hour

Bump Out

1 Hour


Weekly Fee: $10,700.00
Royalties: 3%

Company Contacts

Contact Name: Peter Blockey

Tell me more


Venue Format

Front facing, tiered seating or raised stage and accessible seating preferred

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 3

Does this show require a remount? Yes

First Possible Performance: 1 Hour after Bump-in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 1 Hour

Minimum stage dimensions: 7mx8m + standard ceiling height

Staging and Set Description: Stage right upstage – prop box; stage left upstage – 2x chairs moved on and off centre stage; downstair centre (right at the front on the ground) – TV monitor

Lighting requirements: Basic lighting plot with coloured floods, 1x spot effect (follow spot not required), downlighting, UV lighting (can BYO if venue does not have), total blackout required.

Audio requirements: P/A and microphone to synchronise up with monitor (monitor provided).

Other technical or performance notes: We will be connecting to a monitor for performers to view song lyrics from. Adequate lighting in backstage and surrounding theatre areas is desired for inclusivity of our Deaf and Deafblind cast and audience members.